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Ten Game Commandments: Blackhawks 2, Predators 3

I know this is only the second game, but it already seems bad. I never realized that I could panic this early in the season. I know, I shouldn’t do that, but I don’t know if I can wait for the younger players to find their groove in the second half of the season. I tried to think of a good way to describe this game, how bad it was and all, but trying to convey the sentiment without typing one word repeatedly isn’t advisable. Then, it hit me.

With much love and respect to the great Lin-Manuel Miranda, I present… the ten game commandments.

Number ten: The only good thing from this situation
Niklas Hjalmarsson was back from his suspension

Number nine: The line blender was on hypermix
Artemi Panarin on top, Marian Hossa in the bottom six

Number eight: The Blackhawks were the first to score
Marcus Kruger got the credit
But there’s a little bit more
After 47 games, that was Kruger’s first
Especially after last season’s injury to his wrist

Number seven: Ryan Hartman blocked a shot from Subban
Then hobbled to the locker room, the Hawks were down a man
Later on, they said he wasn’t coming back
At that point, the Blackhawks were totally off track

Six: the power play was just okay last year
This time, it’s flatter than an open can of beer

Number five: The penalty kill leaves so much to be desired
It’s just the same as last year, a raging garbage fire

Four: Predators’ power play kept scoring from the same spot
Have to ask the Blackhawks penalty kill, “Is this all you got?”

Number three: Of course the penalties were dumb
There were a lot of them, especially two that I can think of

Jordin Tootoo
Jonathan Toews, sir
Can we agree that fights are dangerous and immature?
Bitetto had to answer for hitting Patrick Kane, sir
But with your fists? That just throws players off their game, sir
And no one but you, Toews, thought that the moment warranted this
Well, you jerks deserved this

Number two: Don’t put the blame on Corey Crawford or the young guys
Even the veteran players didn’t seem to try
Count down

Ten nine eight seven six
Five four three two
One second

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