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The Tolerance from Marvin Lewis and the NFL is Far From “Burfict”

Vontaze Burfict was at it again in this past week stomping on players after the whistle and hitting guys low on the knee.   After looking at the Video, the NFL was so appalled by what they saw, they decided to just fine this multiple time loser with regards to discipline.   Burfict has no regard for his fellow union members and he does not learn lessons.  He is what is commonly known as a dirty player.  Marvin Lewis was also in defense mode of Burfict this week.  Lewis is  Saint for one coaching in Cincinnati and  putting up with that ownership group and guys like Burfict or a glutton for punishment.

Vontaze Burfict was fined $75k for the illegal stomp, and nothing for the Illegal hit during the game.  The fine was large, but for a guy that has been fined over 300k in 53 games, he just doesn’t get it.  The NFL clearly does not get it either.  Speaking of people that don’t get it, back to Marvin Lewis. In this weeks presser, he was quoted to have been  Saying things like “I don’t think he meant to do anything” and “hell if I can see who steped where or whatever.”  Then there was this jewel.  “I don’t think he did anything wrong, I don’t think we were in the wrong here.”

Nice, good stuff Coach.  Not sure who is more oblivious right now, you, the NFL,  or your player.

But the blame does not stop there.  The Players Association sounds as if they are doing nothing with the matter also.  Allowing Burfict to Appeal the fine is just one more example of organizations or people not getting it.   I understand that they may have to let him appeal, but the fact is Burfict is part of a Union that they represent and he is intentionally hurting other players.   His union Brothers.  In no other Union Organized situation in America would Burfict be allowed to do what he is doing game in and out.

I am in no way a Union guy, but I get the purpose and the reason to have one.  So if you are going to have one, everyone that is part of it should have respect for one another within the confines of the organization.

Here is a history of Burfict’s checked past.

The NFL had an opportunity to really put their foot down and clean the game up with a suspension.   But, they chose otherwise which just adds to the negative momentum the organization has.   Many think the NFL is too big to fail.  Maybe so, but the brand is taking a beating and popularity is falling.  This is just one more reason why it will continue to trend in that direction.

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