Oklahoma City Thunder

Russell Westbrook responds to fan who flicked him off

On a night where I was ready and excited to talk about amazing plays, dunks, passes, crossovers and all of that jazz, instead due to a cowardly act I’m stuck talking about something else.

Not even a half into the Philadelphia 76ers and Oklahoma City Thunder game a 76ers’ fan flicked off Russell Westbrook after a very impressive and one layup.

And what was even more disgusting was that even after pointing out the fan to one of the officials, the fan was still allowed to watch the game…heck wasn’t even questioned for his actions.

Now I get the whole “they’re professional athletes and they get paid for that” argument. But you know what, they don’t. They don’t get paid to get flicked off and screamed at in front of their faces by some idiotic fan who lives in their mom’s basement.

I understand that a fan may yell something or say something to try and aggravate a player or coach, in efforts to get their attention. But this fan was practically in Westbrook’s face throwing up derogatory hand signs and nothing happened. And it’s 100 percent unacceptable.

So before this turns into the next trending vine or video for random captions, I truly believe that the issue needs to be addressed, because this could’ve gotten ugly.

What if instead of handling himself to the highest of standards that Westbrook did, what if instead, Westbrook clocked the fan in the face and dropped the fan to the ground and started a brawl 2.0? That very well could’ve happened, but Westbrook held his composure and tried to address the issue to an NBA official, who did absolutely nothing.

If a fan can get kicked out for running or streaking on the court, or getting too intoxicated, then a fan should get kicked out for screaming and using derogatory hand signs towards players. Get this right NBA and most importantly, get this right Philadelphia.

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