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Week 7 DraftKings Cash Lineup Review

Every week of the NFL season, I will be documenting my cash game lineup for NFL on Draftkings.  I will discuss how I constructed my lineup.  I will post whether I win or lose and will also document profit or loss.

Guys I Had To Have:


DeMarco Murray: This week was a week where the RB’s were chalky and nearly everyone had the same RB’s.  DeMarco had one of the best matchups on the board against a pathetic Colts run defense.  He did not fail to disappoint with his performance and was able to hit value easily.  He was 73.5% owned in a $100 double up so I did not gain a huge advantage with his 24.7 point performance.


AJ Green: I mentioned this in the SCHLAGGER Slant but I loved AJ Green’s spot this week.  The Browns are a team that we continue to pick on in DFS and especially in the pass game.  I wish I rostered Andy Dalton instead of Mariota because I continue to misjudge Mariota’s running ability, he just does not do much running anymore.  Green did get very fortunate with the Hail Mary TD at the end of the first half but he was still set to have over 100 yards in the game and at least 7-8 catches.  I was extremely surprised Green was only 54.6% owned but many of the WR’s this week were in great spots and came at a cheaper cost.

Jacquizz Rodgers: Another team that we continue to pick on weekly is the San Francisco 49ers.  They are horrible on both sides of the ball but the 49ers continue to run tons of plays on offense which means that the opposing team also gets to run tons of plays on offense.  The Bucs offense had many great options this week but I decided to roster Rodgers and Brate and not Mike Evans.  Brate was not good and Mike Evans was but I would have had to do some serious changes in my lineup to roster Julio Jones, AJ Green, and Mike Evans so that is why I decided to not roster Mike Evans because I liked Jones and Green more.


Any changes from Schlagger’s Slant will be discussed below:


Julio Jones: I continued to do research as the week went on and I started to like Julio more and more over Mike Evans.  I loved the Chargers/Falcons game and I felt I needed to have two players from that game because it was the highest over/under on the slate.  This is what led me to Julio and he did not disappoint.


Rostering Marcus Mariota instead of Andy Dalton: I had this as a total coin flip during the week.  One day I liked Dalton and the other I liked Mariota but I thought Mariota would get 30-40 yards rushing and that would bring him over the top.  He only ran for 14 yards and it turns out that rostering Mariota over Dalton was a terrible call.  If I roster Dalton, I cash nearly every cash game on Sunday instead I took a lost on the week.


NFL DFS Results:


Week 1: 137.08 Points- $367 in Entry fees, $667 total winners for +$300 profit

Week 2: 127.72 Points- $324 in Entry Fees, $18 total winners for -306 loss

Week 3: 163.44 Points- $304 in Entry fees, $594 total winners for +290 profit

Week 4: 155.52 Points- $349 in Entry Fees, $645 total winners for +296 profit

Week 5: 161.06 Points- $480 in Entry Fees, 905 total winners for + 425 profit

Week 6: 169.58 Points- $419 in Entry Fees, 722 total winners for +393 profit

Week 7: 172.18 Points- $452 in Entry Fees, 262 total winners for -190 loss


I am an avid Daily Fantasy player.  You can find me on Draftkings with user name: THESCHLAGGER.  I may use different players and strategies than what I recommended above.  Any questions, please email me at or follow me on twitter @asnod10.

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