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Steelers Too Little Too Late in Loss to Ravens

The Pittsburgh Steelers played 3 of the worst quarters of football I have ever seen.   An avalanche of penalties, turnovers, effort issues, and an offense that was completely ineffective throughout most of the game.  It took the Steelers nearly 55 minutes to wake up and when they did, they converted on 14 points, coming up one touchdown short.   Final Score in Baltimore, 21-14 Ravens.

The Steelers would score 14 points late in the game, and it would have been enough to win the game if they would have avoided the block punt for touchdown.   That ended up being the difference in the game.  But don’t let that fool you.  This team was not in the game for more than 3 quarters. On top of that, they would lose their center Pouncey, yet again to injury.

In a game where we saw the Steelers finish the first half with 10 penalties for 88 yards, and only 66 yards in total offense, to say this team had issues would be an understatement.

Ben Roethlisberger was awful for 3 quarters, but he would get no help by his offensive line as he was under duress all day.  The running game was putrid as Le’Veon Bell ran like he wanted to be somewhere else finishing with 14 rushes with 32 yards.  Like he was in a “fog” is how on of our writers tweeted out.  I can’t disagree at all with that assessment.

Tomlin Quotes:
“We came up short today, put ourselves in a big hole.”
“We are where we are.”
“The things that are tripping us up as of late have to get fixed and we will take care of that when we get back”
“Pouncey has a dislocated finger, have it evaluated when they get back.”  We were a highly penalized bunch.

When asked why it took so long to get the offense moving, “we were not interested in getting one dimensional, the blocked punt changed things.”   When asked about Ben being ready, he said we made the decision and won’t second guess.   I will let him answer those questions.  We appreciate his efforts.

This game served as a pay back of sorts for one former Steeler and current Raven’s wide receiver Mike Wallace as he would open the game with a 95 yard touchdown.   Prior to the game, during the weekly press conference, Tomlin said that Wallace at this point in his career is a complete receiver and he proved it today.  Making not only big plays but also giving effort on the field when not getting the ball.  No longer the “one trick pony.”

The Ravens would kick two field goals, one at the end of the half and one in the third quarter.   They would also get a blocked punt return for touchdown to extend that lead to 21-0. For some reason, Ben and the offense woke up at that point.  After a near fumble loss, they would put together a drive that would culminate in an Antonio Brown TD to cut the lead to 21-7 with less than 3 minutes to play.

After a 3 and out, they would get the ball back and put a drive together that would end on the Baltimore 25 with a failed 4th down.  They would get the ball back and score again after a long completion by Eli Rodgers put them into good position.  Big Ben would rush the ball 4 yards to cut the lead to a touchdown.

Then on the ensuing on side kick, Boswell failed to kick it 10 yards.  Actually he failed to kick it 2 yards and then he was the first to touch the ball. The game ended 40 seconds later. Final score in Baltimore, 21-14.

The loss puts the Steelers in a tie for the Division lead, as the North is now up for grabs and Pittsburgh is looking nothing like a Super Bowl contending team.   The Steelers will host the Cowboys next week, then travel to Cleveland followed by a game against the Colts.   Dak Prescott and the Cowboys are currently one of the best teams in Football and would expect that this point for that to be a game Pittsburgh could lose.






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