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Was naming QB Jared Goff the starter in the best interest of the Los Angeles Rams?

After coming off a 9-6 win against the New York Jets on Sunday, the Los Angeles Rams have made the decision to start QB Jared Goff. The rookie has yet to attempt a regular-season pass for the Rams and has been second on their depth chart behind Case Keenum for the first nine games of the season.  Goff will get the start in front of his home crowd next Sunday against the Miami Dolphins and will be looking to impress right out of the gate.

Was this decision to start the rookie Goff the right move or did Jeff Fisher make this type of move mid-season to maintain his job as the head coach?

First off, the Los Angeles Rams are 4-5 and are clearly under performing. If the Rams were really confident in Goff and the rest of their team Goff would have been named the starter weeks ago. Plus, if they wanted to make a playoff push, wouldn’t it be smart to give Goff as many reps as possible?

To me, this move made by Jeff Fisher was made partly due to the uncertainty of his coaching position. Imagine if the Rams kept QB Case Keenum in as their starter and the team continued to under perform, resulting in the team missing the playoffs. Critics will immediately begin to look at Fisher and question whether or not he should have started Goff sooner. Now look at it this way, Goff gets named the starter and performs much better than Case Keenum, yet the Rams fail to make the playoffs. Although the Rams didn’t make the playoffs, the team finished the season on a high note with Goff as their starter and Jeff Fisher looks like a genius for benching Keenum. Was this decision to start Goff in the best interest of the team or strictly Jeff Fisher?

Believe it or not, but Jeff Fisher is tied for 11th, with Bill Parcells, for career victories among NFL head coaches. However, as persuading as that might sound, among the 20 coaches with the most victories in NFL history, Fisher has the lowest winning percentage (.518) In addition, Fisher has never won a championship, his last winning season came back in 2008, and his last playoff victory was back in 2003!

Now let me ask you again, do you think this decision to start Goff was in the best interest of the Los Angeles Rams or was this Jeff Fisher’s attempt of securing his job for next season? It might be a little of both, but again the team is 4-5 and there are plenty of NFL teams in a much worse positon than the Rams.


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