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Los Angeles what are you thinking?

Hours after news broke about Jeff Fisher’s contract extension, Jeff Fisher did what Jeff Fisher does and that was lead the Los Angeles Rams to another loss.

In the Rams 26-10 loss to the New England Patriots they again looked like they didn’t even belong in the NFL and they also looked like they were in desperate need of a new head coach. However, according to multiple reports the Rams are planning on rolling with the terrible Jeff Fisher for at least another two seasons.

Why? Couldn’t tell you. In his five seasons with the Rams he’s yet to get them over .500. He has a top five running back in Todd Gurley and can’t get him over 1,000 yards rushing, let alone a 100 yards rushing for one game. He has the worst ranked offense in the NFL and is not only going to probably ruin Todd Gurley’s career but is definitely going to ruin Jared Goff’s career.

And I’m not the only one that doesn’t think Fisher is suitable to be an NFL head coach. Not to mention, coming into Sunday’s game at New England, Fisher was just two away from tying Dan Reeves for the most losses (165) in NFL coaching history.

But yet the Rams felt that he was deserving of a two-year contract extension.

And you bet your bottom dollar that people responded.

Here’s what Dickerson had to say to FOX 11 Los Angeles on Sunday:

“How in the world can you give a guy an extended contract and he has five losing seasons? And I asked Kevin Demoff and he says ‘it’s not about the records.’ OK, what is it about? It’s about him showing up on time? Looking up at the scoreboard real nice like?”

“I’ll say it again; where are the naked pictures? Who has them? Because something is going on here to hire this guy back again for another two seasons. It’s a joke, unless they’re just kind of waiting to try to get the fans to hold on until we get a new stadium and just ride this out. He’s not a winning coach. I just have to say it. Nothing against Jeff Fisher, it’s nothing personal at all, but I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: I want our football team, the Los Angeles Rams, to win also and we can’t win with Jeff Fisher as head coach.”

From Rotoworld:

“God help us. Fisher has not had a winning season since taking over as head coach in 2012 and, last we checked, still thinks Danny Woodhead plays for the Patriots. Why the Rams would extend their incompetent, cartoon character of a head coach instead of casting him aside is beyond our comprehension. Fisher is on the cusp of becoming the losingest coach in NFL history. Guess this means we won’t be seeing Eric Dickerson at the L.A. Coliseum for the next couple of years.”

Oh and just in case you did miss it. On Sunday when Fisher went to challenge a call, he couldn’t even find his challenge flag.

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