Yajagoff Podcast At the New Point Park University Center for Media

The Yajagoff Podcast invaded Point Park University Center for Media this week They sit down with @Willypgh, @aaronkleiber, and @beaup33p.  The show was recorded live in front of a taped studio audience. Well…. maybe that sounded better in my head.  Let’s move on.

In this weeks episode they get a visit from down under and learn what Kangaroo twang really is or at least sounds like from @beaup33p.

We also find out if Craig is actually an angel…. okay maybe not but with the holidays coming comedian @aaronKleiber talks about what goes on around the Kleiber house.

All this and more on this weeks Yajagoff Podcast.  As always, you can catch John and the Crew on twitter  @yajagoffpodcast.  Not to mention at Yajagoff.com.


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