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Jimmy Garoppolo could be on the move? One ex-Browns and Patriots executive thinks so

Tom Brady’s four game suspension for the New England Patriots was truly a blessing in disguise. At first it appeared to be the complete opposite. But after going 3-1 in his absence and backup Jimmy Garoppolo looking like an NFL starting quarterback, the Patriots found themselves in another great situation.

And despite pushing 40 years of age, Brady who has his Patriots at 10-2 and atop of the AFC yet again isn’t showing any signs of fading away anytime soon. So while the plan has been Garoppolo to take over when Brady retires, that plan, might not happen.

Ex-Patriots executive Mike Lombardi, who also is the former general manager of the Cleveland Browns and now works as an analyst for FOX, has a prediction: his two former employers will complete a trade.

“The next quarterback that’ll be the Cleveland Browns’ quarterback perhaps is Jimmy Garoppolo in New England,” Lombardi said during a television appearance this week, per the Akron Beacon-Journal. “I think Cleveland understands, Hue Jackson specifically understands he needs a quarterback. I think they’ll be very aggressive. I think Jimmy Garoppolo’s on top of their list, and I think they’ll go hard after him.”

“I think the Patriots will decide whether [to trade Garoppolo] based on the deal they’re offered and Cleveland has enough assets to entice them.”

The Browns decided to not use their number two overall pick in last year’s draft to take a quarterback and instead trade down and acquire more draft picks. Now rather that was the right call or not, it’s still too early to tell but what they still need is a quarterback. And at 0-12, they’re trending towards another early selection in April yet again.

“[The Browns are] going to have to use those draft picks on a player, and if you can get a starting quarterback who can play in cold weather, who can do a lot of things that Hue Jackson likes to do, I mean do you want to give up all your assets or do you want to go after AJ McCarron who was backup in Cincinnati?” Lombardi said. “I think you’re better off going after Garoppolo and get the better player.”

In Garoppolo’s two game stint he threw for 496 yards, four touchdowns and zero interceptions.


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