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Making a case for each NFL MVP candidate

With only four weeks left to determine who the NFL’s MVP is, we’ve seen several guys who have shown up and shown out, and others who have shown up then dropped out. 

Tom Brady, are you even shocked? Do I need to even make the case for him? 

Probably not, but I will. With Brady suspended the first four games of the season for THAT scandal, let’s not go there, the Patriots held down a 3-1 record with a shut-out loss to Rex Ryan’s Bills squad, in which the man under center was a huge question heading into the game. He’s back now and he’s on a tear, the Pats are 7-1 since his return, also with some pretty impressive stats, again, are we surprised? With 19 Touchdowns and only 1 interception thrown, Brady righted the ship and might have the Patriots on the way for another Super Bowl Championship run. How Brady plays without Gronk in the lineup goes a long way in showing if he is he deserving of taking home the MVP.   

Derek Carr, How about those Raiders? 

How about that record? How many of you can say you expected a season like this coming out of Oakland? In all honesty, it was inevitable because of one man, Derek Carr, who has had an unbelievable season, with some great 4th quarter come backs under his belt, but he did fail to do so on Thursday night against the Chiefs, but that shouldn’t put too much of a damper on his MVP push… right? Maybe not, but stats like 17-41 passing the ball with no Touchdowns accounted for, is not how you win ball games. That’s not MVP statistics and that’s the case against him, just look at how he matchups to other QB’s in the League. In the end, this award is about how ‘V’aluable you are to your franchise. This Raiders team has only gone as far as Carr has taken them. Let’s see if he has a few more comebacks up his sleeve, including one in this MVP race. 

Ezekiel Elliott… or the Cowboys star-studded offensive line? Kidding.

Elliott has taken the league by storm, and we shouldn’t even look twice if you consider how he ran all over teams like Alabama when he was suited up in scarlet and grey. He’s an every down back, who can block or catch the ball out of the backfield. Might I add that he’s pretty dang clutch, too! Did we see this coming from the 4th pick in the 2016 Draft? If you called Elliott being the NFL’s MVP before the start of his rookie season, you probably got some weird looks, but good call! Ezekiel Elliott might just be running straight for the MVP award with no one around to tackle him, or is he not even the ‘MVP’ to his own team? Guess we’ll see.

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