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Orlando Magic CEO predicts a Championship by 2030

Since losing Dwight Howard the Orlando Magic haven’t been anymore of a title contender than the Cleveland Browns. Okay, maybe I went a little too far. They’re not in that bad of shape as they have a great head coach in Frank Vogel and young roster that actually plays pretty well defensively.

However, Magic CEO Alex Martins recently said that he thinks the team will win a title, sometime in the next 14 years.

“I certainly believe by 2030 we will have won at least one championship,” Martins said. “And I say ‘at least.’ I firmly believe we’re going to get there and once you get there, you got the kind of team that hopefully can come back.:”

“I believe we will have won a championship.”

Source: Martins: Magic will be champs by 2030 – Orlando Sentinel.

Yes it’s a very odd prediction and a very odd timetable. But hey when all you have is hope, I guess a little reassurance from the top is always good to hear for a fan. But sitting at 10-15 and at an almost league low 94.8 points per game, the Orlando Magic have more than 14 years of work to do if they plan on competing let alone winning an NBA Championship.

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