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Adrian Peterson says he’ll return week 15 against the Colts

Adrian Peterson announced Friday that he will return for the Vikings against the Colts on Sunday. He made the announcement during an interview with DJ Skee on Dash Radio.

Peterson hasn’t played since week 2 after he tore his meniscus in a win over the Packers. Peterson who had to have surgery to repair the injury was expected to miss the entire season originally, so a week 15 return really shows Peterson’s toughness.

“I’m gonna give you the inside [scoop] .. I’m gonna go ahead and go this week. I’m getting back out there this week,” Peterson said to DJ Skee.

It’s also shocking that he’s making a week 15 return because Peterson said last week that the “perfect scenario” would be to rest for the final three weeks of the regular season before returning during the playoffs.

“I’m thinking that we’re going to make the playoffs, so that’s what I’m keeping my mindset on,” Peterson said last week, via “So, if that’s not the case a week or two from now, we can settle back around.”

At 7-6 with three games left the Vikings still have a legit shot at making the playoffs but need all of the help that they can get, so maybe that’s what drove Peterson to an early return.

“My eyes are still set on being in Houston for the Super Bowl,” Peterson said Monday. “That’s been my vision. With us still in the [playoff] hunt, that hasn’t changed at all.”

The Vikings will host the Colts, travel to Green Bay and close the season at home against Chicago. All very winnable games.

The Vikings are averaging 19.8 points per game and their running game is the worst in the NFL on a per-carry basis (3 yards per rush). Before Peterson was injured, he was averaging 1.6 yards per carry.

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