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3 players that could be on the move very soon

Several NBA Players may be on their way out and could potentially NOT be on their respective teams come this time next season. Some players around the league fit this mold and might want to jump ship.

Here’s a list of some NBA players that might leave their teams after this season.


Demarcus Cousins C: Sacramento Kings

With a salary of around $16.9 million dollars this season,

Cousins has grown increasingly weary of the destination that his team and the Kings’ front office management, is likely to take.

The rebuilding process has been hard because his team is stuck in the tail end of the Western Conference year after year.

The direction and route that this team goes in during the upcoming year will come full circle with the navigation Demarcus Cousins eventually pursues.

While the Kings don’t want to give away a center with the kind of talent Cousins’ has.

A trade, or a free-agent signing after his contract expires in 2018. All could be the possible outcome.

Fans/Media of the team may have a love-hate relationship with Cousins, but their is no denying his talent and the amount of help he could give a championship contending team if given the opportunity.

Nerlens Noel C: Philadelphia 76ers

It’s no secret the Sixers are in rebuilding mode.

Having recently selected #1 pick Ben Simmons in the 2016 NBA Draft, they finally have a foundation of youth that could potentially be playoff contenders in the next five years.

While there is a bright side of tanking, it has also started a fire that you may not be able to put out.

The Philadelphia 76ers are loaded with promising young big men.

Jahlil Okafor is a capable scorer and a nice piece off the bench.

Joel Embiid is a potential all-star and is looking like a young Hakeem Olajuwon.

Dario Saric has been an established player overseas and is bringing an international flair to the sixers.

But where does that leave Nerlens Noel in the team’s hierarchy?

Being a backup power forward or a third string center to an already complete front court? This leaves Noel with no real room to progress and further himself.

The front-office management was trying to get the most talent available on the board during Draft night. Hoping that in the future they could flip the big men for some talented guards. What they didn’t keep in mind was the amount of playing time each player will need to encourage growth on and off the court.

Noel is now coming off a knee injury and is looking to prove people wrong while also working for a new contract. While he is not getting the minutes he wants or deserves, perhaps leaving this offseason, could help Noel get back on track with his career.

Fan/Media of the team should be happy if they get something in return. But letting him walk for nothing might leave some people with a bad taste in their mouth.

Ricky Rubio PG: Minnesota Timberwolves

The most likely candidate that could potentially leave their respective teams goes to none other than Ricky Rubio.

A once promising young passer who became a professional basketball player at the age of 14, was seen by many people around the league as the next big international player at point guard.

The league has changed immensely since Rubio entered the NBA with the point guard position shifting slightly each and every year.

With players like Giannis Antetokounmpo and LeBron James, it throws traditional positions out the window because of the talent among players like these two.

Paired with their size and speed, they can compete with smaller point guards, and dominate. And if they can shoot along with all the rest of the guards, they are unguardable.

Rubio has had to tailor his game to the shifting landscape of the NBA. He has a young team with Karl-Anthony Towns and Andrew Wiggins as the centerpieces.

The Timberwolves drafted a promising young point guard by the name of Kris Dunn in the 2016 NBA Draft.. It seems as if he is being groomed to take over Rubio’s spot sometime in the near future.

If there is room for both of them. Will the Timberwolves start the young point guard who can defend and shoot, or start the scrappy, already established passer at point guard?

Rubio’s salary this season is around $13.4 million dollars. It is a hefty price tag for a player who is arguably just about as good as Kris Dunn. Dunn is making about $3.8 million dollars this year. Roughly ten million dollars more than the point guard from Providence.

It could be time to get rid or Rubio’s large contract and look for possible trade avenues. This could open up a spot for Kris Dunn to see if he can flourish alongside KAT and Wiggins.

Fans/Media of the team think it might be time to go their separate ways and see if they can get something in return. They can give Dunn a shot at starting point guard, it could elevate this already youthful team in their pursuit as a playoff contender in the Western Conference.

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