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Ranking the NBA Christmas Day Games

Christmas Day NBA games have become a date to circle on the calendar. Marquee names, teams and personalities are given the platform to shine. Now, not all games are created equal so here are the most exciting Christmas Day games.


5) Los Angeles Clippers @ Los Angeles Lakers

The 5 game NBA slate will end with a couple of teams that are struggling. The Lakers, after a surprising start have lost 12 of their last 13 games while the Clippers are struggling with injury. With Blake Griffin out and Chris Paul questionable, this game is the least exciting of the day.


4) Minnesota Timberwolves @ Oklahoma City Thunder

There was a reason the Timberwolves were given this huge platform to perform against one of the leagues best before the season. Coming of a 29-53 record last year, they were expected to make a huge leap and become a playoff team. With all the young talent they possess, they’ve only mustered 9 wins so far this season.

On the other side, there’s Russell Westbrook. Mr. 31.8/10.5/10.8. That is all.


3) Chicago Bulls @ San Antonio Spurs

The Bulls face the Spurs and look for the season sweep against them. The Bulls, one of only 5 teams to beat the Spurs this season, have lost 5 of their last 7 games. This stretch has put them below .500 for the first time all season.

The Spurs are expected to have a full roster available, which feels like it’s the first time in 7 years this is happening. Kawhi Leonard has taken that next step of asserting himself offensively and looks to build on his MVP-esque season.


2) Boston Celtics @ New York Knicks

To start the day off, we have a BANGER. Both these teams are neck and neck in the standings right now. Kristaps Porzingis, who is undoubtly “The People’s Champion B,” is going to let his star shine brightest in the Garden for all of us to watch.

Isaiah Thomas averaging 31 points since coming back from injury December 16th is a walking human bucket.


1) Golden State Warriors @ Cleveland Cavaliers

Everyone has been waiting for this game since the schedule came out before the season. The two teams everyone is expecting to meet in the finals again for the 3rd straight year. Sporting two of the best records in the league so far this season.

LeBron. Durant. Kyrie. Curry. LoveKlay. Draymond. Let’s leave it right there.

No J.R. Smith though, so I’m sad and so is the majority of America.

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