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Mike Tomlin Shoulders Blame for This Past Weekend’s Questionable Calls

During the Mike Tomlin Press Conference today, Mike Tomlin addressed everything regarding last weeks game including all the major Controversies.

Mike Tomlin gave an injury update and Ladarius Green is still in Concussion protocol and may or may not play this week. Actually Tomlin’s tone was not great and I do not expect him to play this week.  And Ben Roethlisberger’s MRI showed that he will be able to play also.   He tweeted out today that the boot is off.

Yesterday was tremendous to hear the national media bang away on Tomlin for playing Ben late in the game.  OF course Ben took some good-natured ribbing for the fact that everyone knows he will play Sunday even though he seems to always have a cast or boot on something.

Tomlin stated that they felt better as a staff having Ben in there with some of the running game check downs.  So it was his decision to have him in there.   He also said do not bother asking the Offensive coordinator about the final passing play by the Steelers with Ben in there.  That is the play he got hurt on and threw the interception.  Tomlin stated he made the call, it was a case of being overly aggressive.

Mike Tomlin started the entire press conference with the Joey Porter situation.  Porter is currently not with the team and will not be for a time period the Steelers will determine.  They are going to continue to investigating what happened and wait for more info to come to light to make any final decisions.  The Coach made it perfectly clear the Porter situation will not be a distraction.

As for Tomlin’s take on Kansas City.   If you listened to the presser, you found out there’s  no better team or coaching staff on the planet.   He touted the quarterback saying he does not get the credit he  deserves.   Tomlin then went deep into the offense and defense with regards to all the weapons they have at their disposal.

The game is nearly a pickem’ at this point and most media members are expecting the game to be close.

He was asked about the special teams and talked about how it is just not that special right now.  They talked about how the Kansas City special teams is performing very well and that they have to kick the ball off away from their premier returner. Tomlin also mentioned that the punter angling in corners has not gone well recently so he knows  all about how sketchy that is.


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