Where’s Phil?…MIA

Derrick Rose may have been MIA for another embarrassing, pathetic, effortless performance and loss Monday night at the Garden, but Phil Jackson has been MIA since the season started, which begs the question, where’s Phil?

A team in the midst of a 3-11 stretch, filled with excuses and inconsistency. A team that does have talent, but no will, little effort and much disappointment. Who constructed and built this team/coaching staff from top to bottom? That be Knicks president, Phil Jackson.

Who re-signed Carmelo Anthony to a near max 5 year deal? Phil. Who gave Joakim Noah $72 million dollars? Phil. Who signed Courtney Lee for $50 million? Phil. Who traded for Derrick Rose & Justin Holiday? Phil. Hired Jeff Hornacek? Phil. Drafted Kristaps Porzingis? Phil, the one highlight in a dreadful tenure as Knicks president.

It’s easy to place blame on the star of the team, Carmelo Anthony, as he said “when we win it’s us, when we lose it’s me,” and to Anthony’s credit he faces the criticism everyday, takes it and accepts it like a man. The same can’t be said for Phil Jackson as he continues to hide and dodge blame, as others have to try and provide answers for his failures.

Yes, Derrick Rose didn’t show up for the game Monday night. Is it a good look? No. Until full details are released on his whereabouts, the situation isn’t something to blindly comment on or speculate about, due to it pertaining to his family.

As for the state of the Knicks, a once 14-10 promising team, has now turned into a 17-21 disaster. Many saw it coming, some were foolish enough to be optimistic and as for the fans, the president has failed you.(We all should get used to that feeling.)

As much hope and belief for the future that Kristaps Porzingis brings, things are looking pretty dull in the Mecca of basketball at the moment. There’s been no culture change in New York, under Phil Jackson, the Knicks are still a joke, a laughingstock in the league, and the inevitable mess, that neither a triangle or 13 rings can clean.


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