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Time for Change in the Mecca

It’s time for change in the place known as the Mecca of basketball. Phil Jackson’s chances of making the Knicks great again with this roster he constructed, are about as slim as President-elect Trump’s chances of making America great again.

The Knicks president took a risk by surrounding rising star, Kristaps Porzingis and declining star, Carmelo Anthony with proven veterans, such as Derrick Rose, Joakim Noah and Courtney Lee. On paper the Knicks were interesting and intriguing, but on the court the Knicks are dreadful, embarrassing and done.

With one win in their last 10 and a buzzer beating defeat to the Philadelphia 76ers on Wednesday night, it’s quite clear that this team isn’t good enough. The team is consistently inconsistent and a flat out rebuild should be something Jackson is contemplating, as his Knicks sit at 17-22.

Kristaps Porzingis is untouchable, anyone else on the roster can be dealt, the three names fans dangle in the air in hypothetical trade talk, are Anthony, Rose and Noah. This isn’t a video game though, it’s not as easy as fans wish it to be, each is complicated in its own way.

Anthony, for instance, has a no trade clause, so he has the power in deciding if he wants to go elsewhere and also being able to choose the situation that fits him best. So, like usual the ball is in Anthony’s hands.

Rose, is on a one year expiring contract, so if a team was to be interested in his services along with the Knicks wanting to move him, the return package won’t be what is desired, due to Rose being a free agent at the end of the season.

Noah, well, the Knicks may be stuck with Noah. That $72 million dollar contract, along with him being past his prime, especially on the defensive end, which used to be his strength, and his inability to be a factor on the offensive end. Yeah, it would be shocking and quite impressive if Jackson found a trade partner here.

If a loss to the 76ers and nine losses in their last 10 games, isn’t an eye opener to Jackson that his roster just doesn’t fit and isn’t working, nothing will.

In a perfect world, Jackson would show up to work, get working on the phones and start the rebuilding process from SCRATCH. The quick fix, attempt to contend now, just backfires time after time again, and no matter who’s in the front office, it seems to always be the route taken.

The time for change is now, in order to change the culture you have to do different then those prior who have failed. New York isn’t patient, the fans want to win and support a successful team/organization but even the fans know what time it is, the question is, does Phil Jackson?

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