New York Knicks

Melo desires to stay, does Phil?

Sometimes change is necessary, sometimes change is needed and sometimes people chose to #stayme7o.

The question was, “do you want to remain with the Knicks?”

Although it was asked to star forward, Carmelo Anthony by Knicks president, Phil Jackson, the question easily could’ve been asked to Jackson from Anthony.

According to the Vertical, NY Daily News and ESPN, Anthony reaffirmed his desire to stay with the Knicks in his meeting with Jackson on Tuesday. Since arriving in New York in February of 2011, Anthony has stayed committed to the organization, displaying his loyalty time and time again, and also his aspiration to win in New York and not anywhere else.

With Jackson giving Anthony a full no trade clause when he re-signed him, it gave Anthony all the power. The Knicks couldn’t just ship him if they wanted to or felt like it was best to do for the franchise, they would have to convince him to lift his no trade clause and then work on a situation where Anthony would agree with joining.

Anthony has been loyal and committed since he first put on a New York Knicks jersey. The same cannot be said for Phil Jackson as he continuously ducks the media and stays silent as his Knicks falter, and fall farther and farther behind in a fantasized playoff picture.

The moral to the story is the Knicks have lost 11 of their last 13 games, and have gone from a promising, maybe overachieving 14-10 team, to a messy, disappointment, at now 18-24. Being in the East always provides hope, as pitiful as the Knicks have been, they’re only 4 games back of the 5 seed. No wonder it’s a cake walk to the finals for LeBron James every year..

Melo is easily criticized, labeled and disrespected, it’s hard to fault a man who has dreams of bring a Larry O’Brien trophy back to the Mecca of basketball. It’s hard to fault a star for wanting to stay in New York and win, as fans have been wanting that in a player ever since the Patrick Ewing era ended. And lastly it’s hard to fault a family man, as Derrick Rose showed, family comes first, and it’s quite certain family plays a huge part in Melo’s decision making as well.

Carmelo Anthony is still here, he doesn’t want to be anywhere else and isn’t going to let Phil Jackson run him out of town. The question was, “Do you want to remain a Knick?” Anthony answered it, his stance hasn’t changed and probably never will.

The follow up is, “Do you want to remain President of the Knicks?” Phil’s silence speaks volumes.

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