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REPORT: NFL admits questionable unsportsmanlike penalty on Dallas was a mistake

The Dallas Cowboys-Green Bay Packers game was one for the ages, but the officiating and missed calls will deem the Packers 34-31 outcome with an asterisk forever. So while some calls from here on will just come with an opinion on which way they should’ve been called, or if called at all, will never have an answer. However, Brice Butler’s unsportsmanlike conduct call is actually being discussed by the NFL according to reports.

Now if the NFL will publicly release a statement regarding the mess up or not, on whichever way they go, that is still yet to be determined. And yes the statement won’t change the outcome on the winner of course, but it will give Dallas Cowboys fans something to Facebook and tweet about.

For those of you that haven’t seen the play here it is:

As you can see in the image above, Butler entered the team huddle before he went back to the sidelines thereafter without participating in the next play. According to NFL rules, it’s technically a flag which Butler was penalized for.

Though to be fair, the Cowboys “huddle” wasn’t even a real huddle at all.

And this call isn’t getting National attention just because it stopped a scoring drive for Dallas. It’s because other teams around the league saw the call and were concerned. According to several former and current NFL league executives, they all called the league office for clarification and the NFL said that no call, was the right call.

The penalty in question did end up costing Dallas 15 yards and negated a 22-yard catch that would’ve placed the Cowboys in the red zone on Green Bay’s 15 yard line. Instead due to the penalty, the drive ended on a punt and left, at minimum, three points on the field.

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