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Report: Carmelo Anthony will waive his no-trade clause for 4 teams

With the NBA trade deadline approaching, trade rumors and trade talks are heating up. Though one trade rumor that has really been catching headlines has been Carmelo Anthony and what the New York Knicks want or plan to do with him. However, even if the Knicks do decide that they do want to move Anthony, they won’t have the final say.

In 2014 when Anthony re-signed with the Knicks he made sure to put a no-trade clause in his contract. Meaning, if the Knicks do try and trade the superstar, Anthony has to approve and waive his no-trade clause.

And days after saying that he wanted to remain in New York, Anthony told Newsday that he would listen to management and would consider waiving his no-trade clause if that’s what they wanted.

“I think it will be more on the front office,” Anthony told Newsday this week. “I have the power, but still I would talk to them. We would be in communication if they feel like they want to go in a different direction, they want to start rebuilding for the future. If they tell me they want to scrap this whole thing, yeah, I have to consider it.”

The key word was consider.

And according to two league sources, Anthony would only consider waiving his no-trade clause to four teams; the Los Angeles Clippers, Cleveland Cavaliers, Boston Celtics and the Chicago Bulls.

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