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Pens Home On the Road In Carolina

After every goal the Pittsburgh Penguins scored last night, a roar from the crowd resembled those of some home crowds.  The home town Carolina Hurricane scored just once and had to listen to their crowd erupt seven times throughout the game.  During the middle of the third period, their were images of the hundreds of Terrible towels twirling throughout the building and a chant broke out…”Here we go Steelers, Here we go!”  That’s right, a chant did not just happen, It Broke “Auht”. The final score in Pittsburgh, in mean Charlotte, Pens 7 Carolina 1.

Okay, I had a little fun with the last line, but everything up unto that point was  dead on what we saw and heard at the arena last night.  The Pens played great and their fans let them know that.  If you are from Pittsburgh, you are fully aware that thousands of current/former residents from the area have migrated to the Carolina’s over the years especially from Charlotte to Myrtle Beach.  Either with a vacation home or they moved in that direction because of work over the years.  Many left when the Steel industry left. So, there are certain area’s across the country that a Pittsburgh team travels too, that feels like a home game,  This just happens to be one of them… on steroids.

And oh by the way, For those that think Pittsburgh is still some broken down former steel giant in the rust belt, think again. It’s now a blossoming Tech and healthcare driven city teaming with youth and vigor and is widely considered one of the best Cities in America.  Now that the infomercial is over, back to our regularly scheduled program.

The Penguins crushed the Canes and abused Cam Ward.  The fact that the coach left him in to endure all of that could show just how little they care about their starting goalie.  It was close through the first period, then Pittsburgh broke out and scored 4 more times in the second to blow things open. The Pens scored 7 goals from 6 different players. Sheary finished with 2 goals as he continues to flourish around Sidney Crosby.

The Pens scored first when Trevor Daley scored an unassisted goal in the opening period.  The Pens outchanced and out played the Canes throughout the first, but Carolina was competitive.  That competitiveness would go away during the second period.  The 1-0 lead would carry into the second period when the Pens opened up “Cam.”  The Pens scored 4 goals in 11 minutes, starting with goal by Carl Hagelin. Connor Sheary would score the first of his 2 to make it 3-0.  That was followed by goals from Chris Kunitz and Phil Kessel.

In the third period, Evgeni Malkin would put a cherry on top as he would score to extend the lead to 6-0. Carolina would score on a breakaway, to cut into the lead. What Carolina fans were left there, would send out a bronx cheer.  That cheer would turn sour shortly after as Connor Sheary scored his second goal just 50 seconds later.  The final in Carolina 7-1 Pens.

Pittsburgh has scored 19 goals in their last three games, all three of which were wins after they lost three games in a row.  In those three losses, the Pens only scored 6 goals.

Pittsburgh will host Boston on Sunday, just hours before the Steelers play the Patriots.  It could be a very good weekend for the City… or not.  We will soon see.


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