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Ortiz’s early 2017 Fantasy Football rankings

Round 1:
1) Le’Veon Bell
2) Ezekiel Elliot
3) Julio Jones
4) Antonio Brown
5) David Johnson
6) Odell Beckham Jr.
7) Mike Evans
8) Jordan Howard
9) LeSean McCoy
10) Dez Bryant

These rankings are pending that Le’Veon Bell plays a full season this year. Sorry Steeler fans but I had to throw that in there. But regardless if he does or not, that one and two spot is really close. Ezekiel Elliot’s rookie season wasn’t a fluke and with that offensive line, Elliot is only going to get better.

Yes there’s a new number one at the wide receiver position and how could it not be? Yes Antonio Brown is fast and furious, but Julio Jones, yes an injured past, but he’s the complete package with size, speed and the hands. Dez Bryant may be a question mark for some in the first round, but like I said in the paragraph above, that offense is young and having fun, so everyone is going to thrive in that high-powered offense.

Round 2:
11) Melvin Gordon
12) Devonta Freeman
13) A.J. Green
14) Keenan Allen
15) Alshon Jeffery (If he leaves Chicago)
16) T.Y. Hilton
17) DeMarco Murray
18) Jordy Nelson
19) Adrian Peterson
20) DeAndre Hopkins

Okay, so this is definitely an interesting next order of players for sure. It rides on some factors for sure, so let me start immediately with the elephant in the room and that’s Alshon Jeffery. He’s injury prone, the Bears are absolutely terrible and hasn’t had a 1,000 yard season since 2014. BUT, if he signs away from the Bears this 0ff-season, with say a team like New England…uh oh, that could be scary.

A couple other questionable marks in this tier, could be DeAndre Hopkins or Adrian Peterson. But I’ll give you all relief right now. Hopkins isn’t going to have back-to-back bad seasons. Osweiler hopefully won’t be under center for them next year, if so they should build chemistry in year number two together.

Adrian Peterson, due to injury last year wasn’t your normal Peterson and people understand that reason. However, there was still concern as when he did play, he didn’t look good and either did their offensive line. Another concern is he’ll be 32 in March and will be entering his 11th season. But don’t be worried, yes his window is closing but I honestly believe that Peterson will be back next season to the normal Adrian Peterson.

Round 3:
21) Lamar Miller
22) Rob Kelly
23) Allen Robinson
24) Jay Ajayi
25) Carlos Hyde
26) Davante Adams
27) Amari Cooper
28) Brandin Cooks
29) Jamaal Charles
30) Sammy Watkins

Jamaal Charles slides into my top 30 for a similar reason that Alshon Jeffery made it all the way up to 15th and that’s if he switches teams. For Charles it’s a bit more difficult as it’s up to the Chiefs and not Charles. But given his injury history and Spencer Ware being the young talent there, a trade or Charles getting cut are both possibilities.

As for Watkins, injuries are a concern as he’s going to miss the 0ff-season due to foot surgery but in the words of Big Sean, he’ll bounce back. He’s too talented of a player to not have a bounce back season.

Round 4:
31) Tom Brady
32) Todd Gurley
33) Julian Edelman
34) Brandon Marshall
35) Thomas Rawles
36) Latavius Murray
37) Stefon Diggs
38) Mark Ingram
39) Latavius Murray
40) Jarvis Landry

Yes, the first quarterback off of the board should and will be Tom Brady. No suspension this season and honestly since that suspension he’s been on a tear. This dominance will continue.

Now compared to last season, a fourth round selection for Todd Gurley almost seems like a steal. But the way that offense looked this year was simply just painful to watch. Yes Gurley is great, but they need improvements on the offensive line and need to have some sort of success in the passing game to allow Gurley to return to fantasy relevance.

Jarvis Landry sneaks into the fourth round at number 40. Now Landry was able to get the job done with yards and receptions last season, but he wasn’t able to get in the end zone as he only did it four times.

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