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View From The Loo: Tiger’s 2017 Debut…what you’d expect

So Tiger Woods returned to Torrey Pines And netted his first birdie of 2017.   He finished the first round of the year  with a 4+ par 76 and is tied for 133rd in the tournament.  The leader is at 7- under.   Of all the tournaments to make his 2017 debut, this one makes the most sense because of his past success here.  With that said, should we have expected anything more than what we saw?  We saw him spray the driver, look rusty all over the place and not make putts.  The answer is…I don’t think so.

After the coverage ended on the Golf Channel today, we got to hear Brandel Chamblee kick off the highlight show by calling Tiger Woods the greatest of all time.  I think that is very debatable. With that said, I turned it on tonight to watch him and to see how he played so he still has that draw to those of us that grew up watching him play.  I did not watch him today because I am a fan though.  I did just because at this point in his career, Tiger is kind of like a 3 alarm fire on your block.  I just have to see what is going on with it.  And in this case, with him.

Will he finish a tournament? When will the back pain return?  Has the tantrum throwing Tiger calmed at all with a couple of years off?   Does he have anything left?  The questions can go on forever, but they are all based around… Does Tiger have anything left in the tank?  I am not sure I know that answer.

I think it is possible Woods will win another tournament, but I would be shocked if it was this season or if it was a major. Most of the best players in golf right now, are better than he is currently by a long shot.  I think he is so far removed from his best play that I do not think we will see him come up big like he has in the past for long stretches.  For a single tournament here or there, maybe and I mean maybe. But if it happens, it will happen where he has won in the past.  Tiger excels on courses he’s won on before.  I think we will see him play on courses where he has had success in the past for most of the season.  Tiger has won at many courses, but there are a chosen few that he seems to really excel on.  Torrey Pines is one of them.

As I said, to expect anything more today from him would have been ludicrous.  I am not sure when Tiger will truly compete again, but I do not think it really happens before May and I don’t think it happens this year in a major.

Notes: Justin Rose leads everyone at the tournament at 7- under. Rose struck the ball well all day, and scored every chance he got on this course.  As another reference, Phil Michelson is at 1- under thus far as he also plays well at Torrey.


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