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Not naming Damian Lillard an All-Star was a huge mistake

The NBA announced their All-Star reserves on Thursday night, and for another year, Damian Lillard was left off the roster.  Most of us remember last year when Lillard got snubbed from being an All-Star after putting up amazing numbers.  Going into the break last year, the Portland Trailblazers’ guard was averaging just over 24 points per game and 7 assists.  Not only did Lillard take this as motivation, but he made it a mission to elevate his play even more.  The Trailblazers ended up finishing 5th in the Western Conference, and because of their star point guard’s play the team won a series against the Clippers.

Apparently this year was no different.  Damian Lillard was again left the All-Star roster despite averaging 26.2 points per game and 5.8 assists, as well as shooting a career best 44.4 % from the field.  That puts Damian tied for 7th in scoring in the NBA this year.  Now, leaving off a player of his caliber from the All-Star game for one year is understandable, but leaving him out for two consecutive years with the numbers he is putting up is RIDICULOUS!

The NBA is a guard driven league.  Guard play is at its best, especially in the west.  For the Western Conference to only have four guards on its roster seems to be flat-out wrong.  Based on how the league is going, and how much the big-man has suffered, the West needs more guards on their roster.  Lillard would be the perfect solution to this problem.  Not only is he worthy based on his play, but the entertainment factor that he could provide to the dying game would be extremely beneficial.  One has to question, if Damian Lillard was on a team in a bigger market would he be in the All-Star game on February 19th?  The reality is that he is not an All-Star, and it makes me question what a man has to do to get into a game that truly means nothing.  All I know is, after being left off the team for two straight years, Damian Lillard will again be on a tear in the NBA post All-Star break.  His Western Conference opponents better watch out.

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