Someone Tell Big Ben The Steelers Organization is Noone’s “Little Brother”

During an interview this week, Pittsburgh Steeler’s Quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger came out and said they have been the little brother to the Patriots Big brother act.  Although New England is on an unprecedented run,Someone needs to tell Ben,  the Pittsburgh Steelers are Little Brothers to no franchise in the NFL.  To quote a segment on ESPN, “Come on Man!”

“They’ve kind of had our number. We’re like the little brother trying to keep up with the big brother, in a sense.” This was a quote in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette according to writer Ray Fittipaldo.

The Pittsburgh Steelers have been in 8 SuperBowls and won 6 of them since 1974.   They have shown incredible consistency over the years.  The New England Patriots have won 4 in 9 trips thus far not including this year.  And the Brady Belichick tandem has been involved in 8 of them including this year.  The run started back in 2002, although the Franchise went to the Big Game in 97′ and 86′ losing in both games.

The consistency has been amazing, but there has been lots of controversy over the years in many of those runs.  Though, That should not dampen all of the success the Patriots have been able to put forth.  They have been one the games Great Franchises during this stretch.

With that said, that does not diminish what the Steelers have done.

We all know what Ben meant with the little brother comment, but let us just be frank.  In both Championship games against New England, Ben has been mediocre at best.  The Steelers game plan in each has been less than stellar.  In Recent Steelers history as a whole, the LeBeau derived defense has been less than special against the Patriots.  That very well could be one of the reason’s Pittsburgh has struggled so much against the Brady led Patriots.  Not to mention, Ben’s struggles on offense in Big Games.

That is an ERA thing, not a Historical thing.  If you look at History, I am fairly certain The Patriots would like to be the team with 6 Championships without all of the tension, suspicion and scandals.  It is time for Ben to just keep those analogies to himself or share them in  terms of himself to Tom Brady.  The Rooney’s nor this franchise take second fiddle to any owner or franchise in this league.  It Does not matter how much money the others may have, they don’t have the Steelers winning history, Consistency, legacy, and fan base.

If Ben wants a Big Brother, maybe he can Call Tom to see if he’s interested… I think there might even be an organization out there for him.  Alright, Just kidding, but you get my point.



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