2012 NBA Re-draft

The NBA draft is without a doubt one of the best basketball related nights during the year.  It is where teams and fans find hope.  With a single pick a whole franchise can be changed.  Just look at what LeBron James did to the Cleveland Cavaliers.   Now, let’s look at the 2012 draft and how it should have went.


  1. New Orleans Pelicans: Anthony Davis (original pick: Anthony Davis)

New Orleans got it right the first time.  Anthony Davis’ potential is still the greatest out of anyone in this draft.  He has been pretty good too.  The 23 year old is averaging 22 points and 10 rebounds in his young career already.  The only concerns are his injury history and lack of winning in the NBA, but with all that talent he’s worthy of the number one pick.


  1. Charlotte Hornets: Damian Lillard (original pick: Michael Kidd-Gilchrist)

In last week’s re-draft the Hornets were unable to get Kemba Walker again, and instead got Nikola Vucevic.  I guess Damian Lillard is a good replacement.  The point guard has been nothing but sensational, single-handedly leading the Blazers to the playoffs multiple times.


  1. Washington Wizards: Draymond Green (original pick: Bradley Beal)

Bradley Beal hasn’t been a bust in any means, and he recently has been pretty darn good.  However, he is injury prone.  Draymond Green jumps up the board here, after going in the second round back in 2012.  Not many people in the NBA can do as many things as good as Green can.  He is essentially a Swiss army knife out there.


  1. Cleveland Cavaliers: Andre Drummond (original pick: Dion Waiters)

I bet the Cavaliers wish they had a re-do from drafting Waiters with the fourth pick in 2012.  Well, now they do.  Imagine the beast that is Andre Drummond in a Cleveland jersey.  There would be no need for Kevin Love.  All the man has since being in the league is become an all-star and average 13 rebounds per game.


  1. Sacramento Kings: Bradley Beal (original pick: Thomas Robinson)

Thomas Robinson may have been the biggest bust in the 2012 draft.  That seems like a theme with Kings lately.  When Beal is healthy, he can be a star. Now healthy, Beal is averaging 22 points per game in the 2017 season.  His ceiling is extremely high, and could provide a huge spark for a dull Sacramento team.


  1. Portland Trail Blazers: Harrison Barnes (original pick: Damian Lillard)

The numbers in Golden State never jumped of the page for Barnes, but the potential is still there.  Harrison has one of the best basketball IQ’s in the game, and with the right opportunity, he could flourish.  A 2012 Blazers team with Barnes and Aldridge would definitely still be electric without Lillard.


  1. Golden State Warriors: Khris Middleton (original pick: Harrison Barnes)

How good has Khris Middleton been?  The former 39th pick in the draft has been a great scorer and shooter.  He is a 40% 3 point shooter in the NBA thus far, and putting him on the Warriors would be a fantastic fit.  Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, and Middleton together would shoot any team out of the gym.


  1. Toronto Raptors: Michael Kidd-Gilchrist (original pick: Terrance Ross)

The Raptors original pick, Terrance Ross, has been a fine addition to the team.  However, they just traded him for Serge Ibaka in order to get more defense.  Kidd-Gilchrist would have already provided that.  Now, Gilchrist never really lived up to the hype of the 2nd overall pick, mainly because his offensive game never developed enough, but his defense and rebounding are well above average.  He would be a great compliment to the existing Toronto roster.


  1. Detroit Pistons: Terrance Ross (original pick: Andre Drummond)

Ross is an athletic and well-rounded two guard that fits the Detroit culture.  At best, he is a solid 6th man, but that can be important to a team looking to get into the playoffs.  Obviously, the Pistons would love to have Drummond again, but Ross would be a solid second option here.


  1. New Orleans Pelicans: Jae Crowder (original pick: Austin Rivers)

With their second pick in the top 10, New Orleans has a chance to pair a solid player with their star Anthony Davis.  Jae Crowder is exactly that.  A player who can shoot a few threes, and play very solid defense.  All the man does is grind and hustle on the court.  Every team needs a player like Crowder to compliment the top options of the team.


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