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Srixon Z565 Driver Review

Long known for its advanced golf ball technology, Srixon has “created a ripple effect” with its new line of drivers delivering its most advanced innovation for its new Z565 and Z765 line of drivers. The key innovations are:
• New Power Wave Sole: Advanced multi-step design allows the lower face to flex, which enhances COR especially on low impact hits
• New Stretch Flex Cup Face: Face has been extended farther around the crown and sole to create a larger sweet spot
• New Lightweight Crown: About 4 grams of weight have been removed from the crown and repositioned to enhance clubhead MOI and lower the center of gravity.
What does this all mean? The recently tested Z 565 model delivers all that is promised. First off the looks and feel are top notch in a throwback sort of way. A simple black gloss finish with no alignment aides or gimicky graphics creates a beautiful traditional looking club with no distractions. Even the new power wave sole is understated with a simple Z 565 silver graphic. All and all the looks are a real confidence builder in a tour players stick package.
One of the most important characteristics of any driver is the sound of the ball compressing against the club face. For the Z 565, the sound is solid yet muted, again highlighting the understated qualities of this high performing club. This perfectly created sound easily translates into a very solid feel. If you hit any driver in the sweet spot the feel will be solid but the true litmus test comes in off center hits. With the Z 565 off center hits still provide solid feedback and, more importantly, minimal loss in distance, ball flight and dispersion.
Designed with a draw bias, the Z 565 delivers consistent results particularly in windy conditions. The flight was a little lower than I expected but the run out was forever leading to a total distance increase over by old gamer. Fine tuning the loft and adjustable weight cartridges on the sole will produce the desired flight and curvature.
The stock shaft is the Miyazaki Kaula MIZU 5. Miyazaki is Srixon’s in house shaft manufacturer, previously known for producing high performance after market shafts. The Kaula shaft is designed to increase distance with a lighter weight profile as the S flex weighs in at 57 grams. Despite the light weight, the multi-material construction is designed to provide the “optimal combination of stability and bending behavior, which optimizes distance and control.” With four different profiles and 32 total options, the Miyazaki Kaula series of shafts is created for golfers of all swing speeds and tempos.
Driver technology is ever changing and the Srixon Z 565 is superior alternative for golfers of all abilities looking for a high performance game improvement driver. Loaded with enhanced technologies in a simply designed package, the Z 565 will enable you to split the fairway as you pound it past your playing partner. The Z 565 retails for $449 and comes with a stylish, soft to the feel, head cover.

by Stuart Goldstein – staff writer follow @stuartgoldstein

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