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The Craig Sager Curse

Yes, I know what you’re thinking. What in the hell is the Craig Sager Curse? Allow me to explain. During this years All-Star break, TNT broadcaster Ernie Johnson and Hall of Famer Reggie Miller decided to pay their respects to the late Craig Sager.

They did this by rallying up a few professional ballers as well as a few celebrities to take place in a new contest; The Sager Shootout. The rules were rather simple; make a 3, $10,000 gets donated to the Sager Strong foundation.

One minute into the contest and they were still $370,000 short of their goal. So without much resistance, Ernie Johnson called up Stephen Curry and told him straight up; make a half court shot and we hit our goal.

Easy for the 2X MVP you’d think, right?

Well, that’s actually wrong. Uncharacteristically Steph missed 9 straight half court shots. I’m here to tell you that on that night, that frightful Saturday night, Stephen Curry must have turned his stove off. Cause he ain’t cooking.

Since the break, while his points are up (No Kevin Durant), his shooting statistics are horrific as he’s only making around 42% of his field goals and only shooting 31% from beyond the arc. And it get’s worse as his plus minus is down from 17.2% to 7.7%.

Curry has only hit the 50 percent mark once since the break, while shooting under 40 percent in 8 out of his last 10. That includes a game where he went 0 for 11 from three…0 from 11.

Just let that sit in for a minute.

Steph Curry, the best three point shooter we’ve ever seen, took 11 shots and missed every single one of them. Now I’m not saying Curry isn’t a good basketball player, but I do believe he has been…cursed.

With just about a month left of regular season play, the question remains; will Steph Curry recover? But as of right now, the Chef has lost his seasoning.

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