2013 NBA Re-draft

The NBA draft is without a doubt one of the best basketball related nights during the year.  It is where teams and fans find hope.  With a single pick a whole franchise can be changed.  Just look at what LeBron James did to the Cleveland Cavaliers.   Now, let’s look at the 2013 draft and how it should have went.

  1. Cleveland Cavaliers: Giannis Antetokounmpo (original pick: Anthony Bennett)

Antetokounmpo has emerged as the clear best player of the 2013 draft.  He is the only all-star from the draft, and the only one to show super-star ability.  He exceeded any expectations that the Milwaukee Bucks may have had.  He is unlike any player in NBA history, which makes him very valuable.  Would have been interesting to see how the LeBron, Andrew Wiggins, and Kevin Love situation would have worked out in Cleveland with Antetokounmpo already there.


  1. Orlando Magic: Rudy Gobert (original pick: Victor Oladipo)

Back to back international players.  Really speaks volumes about the talent that came out of college in 2013.  Orlando gets a fantastic rim protector and rebounder that could actually provide wins for the team.  The team would definitely not trade away the second overall pick after just 3 seasons.


  1. Washington Wizards: J. McCollum (original pick: Otto Porter)

With Bradley Beal getting injured often, McCollum provides consistent scoring for a Wizards team that needs it.  Pair him with John Wall and a healthy Bradley Beal, C.J. becomes a potential all-star.  In 2017, he’s scoring 23 points per game while shooting almost 49% from the field.


  1. Charlotte Hornets: Dennis Schroder (original pick: Cody Zeller)

Based on best talent available, Dennis Schroder arguably goes next.  Now, would he fit well with Kemba Walker?  Why not!  It took him three seasons to get consistent minutes, but he has shown that he can be a legitimate starter in the NBA.  A backcourt of Kemba Walker and Schroder would be electric for many reasons.


  1. Phoenix Suns: Nerlens Noel (original pick: Alex Len)

All of the original top five picks have proved to be not worthy, Alex Len is no exception.  The Suns should have picked Nerlens Noel back in 2013, and see how he develops.  Noel would provide immediate defensive and rebounding help.  Once he develops his offense, Nerlens has top 10 center potential.


  1. New Orleans Pelicans: Steven Adams (original pick: (Nerlens Noel)

One thing this draft provided was solid NBA big men.  Steven Adams has continued to progress, and he has played important playoff minutes.  Anthony Davis could benefit greatly by getting the help of Adams.  He has already shown that he can be a starter.


  1. Sacramento Kings: Victor Oladipo (original pick: Ben McLemore)

The former number 2 overall pick, although at times has looked great, has not lived up to potential.  That is why Victor Oladipo drops to number 7 in the re-draft.  His scoring has been as high as 18 points per game for a season.  However, his stats, at times, seem meaningless or empty.  He is still a very talented young player, who can be a solid starter, as well as benefit a team like the Kings.


  1. Detroit Pistons: Otto Porter (original pick: Kentavious Caldwell-Pope)

Otto Porter drops a few picks, but the fit is just as good.  Detroit could really use a wing man like Porter.  Porter is shooting 47% from three point land and 15 points per game this season.  Otto will be a starter for years to come.


  1. Minnesota Timberwolves: Mason Plumlee (original pick: Trey Burke)

Mason Plumlee may never be an all-star, and he may never be one of the best players on his team, but he sure is valuable.  Mason started all 82 games last year for the Trail Blazers, and played big playoff minutes.  He’s the type of guy that every team needs; a grinder and hustler.


  1. Portland Trail Blazers: Kentavious Caldwell-Pope (original pick: J. McCollum)

The top 10 rounds out with a player who lived up to his expectations.  Caldwell-Pope turned into an average starting shooting guard whose strength is defense.  His shooting has improved rapidly.  It’s not typical value for a top ten pick in a NBA draft pick, however, it is still value.

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