Chicago Blackhawks

Adding Insult to Injury, Game Two: Predators 5, Blackhawks 0

Things were looking up for me before the game. I’d made a pot of matzo ball soup and happily devoured every spongy sphere of bliss. I chilled a 12-pack of Diet Coke and cracked open a can to sip with said divine delicacy. Then, out of the blue, just the slightest movement sent me into a body-seizing cocoon of pain that emanated from the bottom of my shoulder blade. I gasped and winced. I had a hard time getting up out of my chair.

I mention this because that description was actually a lot less painful than watching this game.

It started out better than Game 1, at least for the first 10 minutes. Then the Predators goals started coming. More in the second period. Even more in the third. None of them were answered by the Blackhawks. You sat there and hoped that things would get better, but watching the Blackhawks play this way was like that line from Interview With A Vampire: “Your body’s dying. Pay no attention. It happens to us all.”

There were so many things wrong. The puck possession was terrible because no one could generate good scoring chances. Sure, there were pings, but that as close as it came. The power play, the bane of the team’s existence this season, was exceptionally disgusting. The Blackhawks looked totally out of sync. This was a team-wide failure.

And if one guy could be singled out, it was Johnny Oduya. The trade deadline grab was hot garbage, just as he was in Game 1. It’s like he was consistently out of step. The best thing for him and the Hawks is for him to sit out a couple of games and let Michal Kempny take over.

I know it’s way too early to give up, and I know that the Hawks have come back from situations like this in the past. But if they want to survive this first round, they need to get their heads straight and start focusing. If they don’t, it’ll be another long summer.

By the way, my back’s feeling slightly better. The pain’s still better than thinking about this game.

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