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Marte Out…Pirates Out? Not So Fast!

All I have heard is how the Pirates season hinged on a guy that only played about half a season last year because of injury rehab, then got a DUI for like the 5oth time.  A guy they can not count on really for the rest of the season at this point.   So when the news came out about Marte and the 80 game suspension, analysts  both National and local alike could not wait to talk about “The End”, or how “The Season is Over.”   All I have to say is this…. Not so Fast!

Marte being out is yet another hurdle.  But the fact is, this season hinged on one thing and one thing only… and No Ron Cooke, it wasn’t the freakin’ long ball.  It’s Pitching.  If the Pirates starters can keep things under control and the bull pen performs, the Loss of Marte will hurt but will not kill them.

The Pirates have already made a move bringing up Jose Osuna, who was a surprise bat for the second spring training in a row.  A guy that is a natural first baseman.  This opens him up to a platoon with Bell, and having Frazier play every day in the outfield or have he and Harrison flip flop back and forth.

Austin Meadows is an up and coming player for the Pirates and one of the top prospects in all of Baseball, but he has struggled out of the gate in triple A and has less than 200 at bats at Triple A so he was not an option to bring up at this point, but do not be surprised if we see him sooner rather than later if he starts to hit at Indy.

The Fact is, this team is all about Pitching.  That is their strength and has been since opening day regardless if Kang was in this lineup or not.  The thought that this Pirates team was crippled to begin with because they did not have Jung ho is And was a joke.  I thought it was ridiculous the first time I heard it and stand by it.

This team will compete at a high level if they can pitch.  If they do not pitch, they could have Mickey, the Babe, and Barry Bonds and will not matter. They would be Dead in the water.  My prediction sure to go wrong will be, the Pirates stay in it and stay close long enough to get Marte back.  We will also see Meadows up before the All Star Game.Pi



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