Moves The Pirates “NEED” To Make

There are a handful of moves the Pirates need to make sooner rather than later. The first of which was a problem that showed up tonight in St Louis.

Jason Jaso needs to be moved or DFA’d.  No hits in 17 at bats is unacceptable for a bench guy.  At this point he is a defensive replacement in late innings, but when you need someone to come off the bench to get a hit, he is not your guy and will never be that guy.  It’s time to move on from this experiment.

Adam Frazier needs to play every day.  I don’t want to hear there is no room for him.  He would be my every day second baseman.

Josh Harrison would be the super utility guy he was before playing where ever he was needed.

David Freese should be the Pirates Everyday Third Baseman…. Period. He has earned it.  He is signed, and steady.  He can also hit which is a plus.

Phil Gosselin.… For goodness sake, let’s move on from this situation now.

Josh Bell needs to platoon at first base with… wait for it… Jose Osuna. The Pirates can test drive both guys at the same time and have a good young bat in the lineup or on the bench at all times.  Bell has proved all he can in triple A, no need to send him down. Let him figure it out up here.  And yes, I said Osuna.  I realize he is not setting the world on fire in Triple A right now, but he has options so they can bring him up without upsetting the apple cart.  He is also the best defensive first baseman in the organization.

I would also Take a Chance and bring up Gift NGoepe who is an infielder that can hit.  He is proving it right now, at least at the triple A level.

Alen Hanson needs to see more time at Short Stop.  Yes, that may mean Mercer sits, but he does not hit at all during the first 45 days of the season.  That is his norm.

As for the Pitching staff, these moves are long over due.  The Pirates need to quit have Tony Watson Close.  It’s time to move him back into that role of 8th inning guy.  I would then try Rivero in that role.

It is also time to move on from Bastardo.  He is not good enough to keep on this roster.  He is the one MASSIVE hole in this bull pen.  The Pirates can bring up any one of a handful of guys to take that spot including Brault or Sanchez.

The Starting staff is right where it needs to be.  That includes  Tyler Glasnow.  He showed so much during innings 2-5 in his last outing.  He showed everyone up here just how nasty his stuff is.  Unless he completely falls apart and he loses the ability to throw strikes at all, he needs to stay on the team.

The great thing about where they are right now is the fact that the moves I am suggesting would or could not hurt this team any more. I believe the moves will clean up some major holes. The Pirates need to beef up that bullpen and bench so they COULD go out and spend a few dollars for a bull pen hand or a bench bat.   But we know that will not ever happen.

Lastly, two final moves.  First, Jung ho Kang will probably not be returning and should not return so that is why Freese is the perfect fit there.  It is officially time to make him part of the Pirates History… for good.  The second thing, please eliminate that Black alternate Jersey top.  That is just awful looking.




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