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No Brainer: Conforto Needs To Be Everyday CF

The Mets offense is pathetic right now. They’re 27th in the Majors in team batting average (.216), 22nd in On-Base Percentage (.296) and 20th in hits (107). As a team trying to make a deep postseason run, those aren’t exactly the numbers you want. Similar to last year, it seems that the Mets can only score via the home run, and that won’t fly against good pitching.

One reason that the offense can’t get into any rhythm is because Manager Terry Collins has fallen to in love with the platoon system. While I’m all for getting most favorable match-ups possible, just because a team’s starting pitcher is a righty doesn’t mean every right handed batter has to sit, and vice versa.

The inconsistency in lineups has clearly hurt the Mets as a team, but even worse it’s killing one of their best young assets: Michael Conforto.

Behind Yoenis Cespedes, Conforto is arguably the most talented hitter on the team. At just 24 years old, he’s a guy that any other team in baseball would die to have for the next 10-15 years. However, Terry Collins seems to be content with playing 36 year old Curtis Granderson over the young stud.

I could sit here for hours and talk about why this makes zero sense, but lets just look at the numbers.


Average 0.286 0.170
On-Base Percentage 0.370 0.231
Slugging 0.619 0.255
OPS 0.989 0.486
Home Runs 2 0
RBI 6 4
Doubles 1 2


The difference in numbers is incredible, and what’s even more incredible is that Conforto has only started 4 of the team’s first 14 games.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Curtis Granderson. He’s been nothing but a class act during his entire career, and is a great veteran presence in the locker room.

But the numbers don’t lie. In no way should he be playing over Michael Conforto.

Conforto’s a stud, period. His Slugging and OPS numbers are second on the team behind Cespedes. He’s 12 years younger than Granderson, better in the field, and clearly better at the plate.

Conforto’s one downfall has been his inability to hit lefties, so when a lefty starts he doesn’t. With Curtis Granderson’s less than stellar .238 average against lefties, I’d say it’s time to see what Conforto can do.

Conforto doesn’t even get to start on a regular basis against right handed pitching either. Once again, a very head scratching move being that the numbers posted above have all come against righties.

Meanwhile, Curtis Granderson is hitting .115 against right handed pitching.

As a Met fan, its confusing and incredibly frustrating seeing a guy that can and should be the cornerstone of the franchise sit on the bench in favor of a 36 year old who is just about a guaranteed out every time he steps to the plate.

Not only should Conforto replace Granderson in Centerfield, but also as the team’s leadoff hitter.

In the two games Conforto has led off, he’s reached base both times. In the five games that Curtis Granderson has led off, he’s reached base just once.

Michael Conforto is the table setter this team needs at the top of the lineup. He hits for both average and power, and can get the offense going early in games.

Like I said, the Mets offense is pathetic right now, and desperately needs a spark.

Michael Conforto is that spark.

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