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The Yajagoff Podcast Gets a Visit From Jim Krenn

This weeks Yajagoff Podcast was recorded at Hobby Prodigy at the Robinson Mall in Robinson.  John hung with the owners of Hobby Prodigy channeling his inner Creative nature.  Let me clue you in, he has none.  Let us move on….

He was joined by Pittsburgh Legend Jim Krenn who was channeling his own inner creativity including what briefly sounded like Ralph.   And lastly, Baron announces he is moving and will get a cat that he is going to name Jim Krenn.  Can you image, as soon as gets the cat, he will be running around his new place yelling at the cat… “Jim Krenn, You Jagoff!”  “Jim Krenn, quit pissing on the carpet, go in your litter box.”  Oh yes, to be a fly on that wall.

Check out All of this and who lot more on this weeks Yajagoff Podcast. As always, you can catch John at

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