How the All-NBA Selections Will Impact the Future of the League

With the recent release of the All-NBA teams there will be some chain effects throughout the NBA. Players like John Wall and James Harden find themselves eligible for max contract extensions this summer. However players like Paul George and Gordon Hayward might find themselves second guessing their futures in their respective cities.

In case you haven’t seen the All-NBA selections yet, here they are:

Now, let’s take a look at the impact some of these selections may have on the NBA.

Wall, Harden, and Westbrook likely staying put for another few years

John Wall, James Harden, and Russell Westbrook had career years, showing signs they have what it takes to lead their teams to playoff success. With the high level of talent and room for improvement, the Wizards, Rockets, and Thunder are salivating at the opportunity to lock up their superstars before they even hit free agency.

While reports suggest John Wall would like some clarity about the Wizards future. His departure from Washington seems unlikely now that he is eligibleto sign a 4-year, $168 million contract extension.

Westbrook should also be in OKC long-term as well since he is eligible for a 5-year, $217 million deal that would make him the highest paid player in NBA history.

Harden will likely stay in Houston too. He can ink a 4-year, $171 million deal with the Rockets.

These players will likely be the centerpiece of their franchises for years to come. This may come as some sort of a relief for Wizards fans who may have felt Wall was contemplating leaving in free agency after not being able to succeed consistently in Washington. Now, with his first All NBA selection the Wizards have the opportunity to lock Wall up before he hits free agency.

Harden on the other hand seems poised to be a Rocket for the better part of his career. After thriving in a new system, Harden finally has a core to build around and potentially contend with. It would be an absolute surprise if he doesnt recieve a max extension this summer.

Paul George’s future in Indiana becomes more uncertain

The Pacers can officially hit the panic button on PG-13. With George’s recent snub from the All NBA teams, the Pacers don’t have the chance to offer George the Designated Player Exception this summer. They could wait and see if he makes All-NBA next season, and offer him the DPE then, but that could be too big of a risk for the Pacers to hold on to him for that long.

In all likelihood, the Pacers will search for a trade partner for George this summer before the draft. At least that’s what they should do. George’s camphas not made his desire to play in LA a secret, and that could make trading him even more difficult.

No team will want to surrender assets for a one year rental. Similarly, the Lakers have reportedly been told to not make the same mistake the Knicks made surrendering too many assets for Carmelo. They seem to feel confident they can get him in 2018 free agency.

Considering he could be just a rental, Boston is unlikely to surrender their top pick for a player they may lose in a year. This opens the door to teams that are looking to get over the hump as soon as possible. If George is not traded before the draft, the Pacers could choose to ship him off for some young assets and picks from a team close to contending.

Teams like the Wizards or Blazers who are on the verge of contending may be able to persuade George to buy in long term — but it would be a huge risk. They would have an opportunity to show George if they can truly compete for a title, but they’ll have to risk losing him in free agency.

Could Gordon Hayward head to Boston?

The Jazz are in danger of being big losers this offseason. They just had one of their most successful seasons in recent memory and yet they find themselves on the verge of possibly losing their best player to free agency.

Although Hayward has the ability to create his own shot, the former Butler star thrives in systems which allow him to efficiently impact the game using set plays, quick ball movement, and cutting. This makes the Celtics the best fit for Hayward.

Utah may be able to offer Hayward the most money, but his ties head coach Brad Stevens are undeiable. The intrigue of reuniting with his college coach will surely be a serious factor in his decision and Boston will undoubtedly pitch him on the fact that the road to the Finals in the East is much easier.

With a weak free agent market this summer, look for Hayward to be a hot commodity. Especially because he will likely take a look at numerous different teams before making a decision. His choice won’t shake up the NBA. But it could very well help some teams on the verge of contending, like Boston, to climb further up the ladder.

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