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Pens Media Day Update And Other News.


Here are some quotes from the Stanley Cup Media Day.

Jim Rutherford  Thoughts on the Hornqvist trade:  He has given us what we hoped.” “We were looking to get a different type of player. “James Neal was a good player, a goal scorer but we had enough players that could score.”

Mike Sullivan -What is Hornqvist status – “will be a game time decision.” “He practiced today, and we were encouraged.”

Sullivan’s thoughts on if Malkin not being names to top 100 affects him. “He is a terrific team player, a great teammate, and he wants to win.  That is his priority. I am sure he would have liked to have been part of that.  I know the people around our organization know that he is, and we make no bones about that.” “My sense of being around Geno is his priorities are about helping this team win.”

Sidney Crosby – Opinion on Hornqvist since he has arrived.  “I could not believe the beating he takes night after night.”  “When you see it every day, you see how tough it is to play against it.”

Has this year been tougher than last year? – “I think it is tough in general.  “I think it is tough to get here regardless of this years situation and what ever happened last year. ”

Regarding how history can look at him and this a possible back to back Cup win. “I am aware of it, but that is not what is motivating me.  We have done such a great job all year long.”  A lot of motivating factors, but that is not one your totally thinking of.”

Question regarding the goalie change and is there a feeling of trying to do something special this time around. “I try not to think about it that way.” “You go through as much as you have, that is motivation enough.” “I don’t think it really helps you or hurts you either way.”

Matt Murray – What are emotions going in.  “A lot of emotions, excitement.  “Most of all, I feel fortunate to be here.”

Other News and Notes

Other outlets are hinting around that Jake Guentzel could be a healthy scratch tomorrow night.  Mike Sullivan today said that the return of healthy forwards would help Jake.  Guentzel had 9 goals coming into the Ottawa series and then was shut out.  He had 14 shots during the series, although that does not include the attempts.  He missed the net and hit the pipes on more than several occasions.  Those do not count as shots so that stat is very misleading.

I personally don’t see how you sit this guy with the four defensemen Nashville is going to roll out at them.  Jake’s speed is super important to this team and I just don’t see the scoring drought continuing.

I saw Pierre Lebrun say that if Pens win, then Sid is above Toews.  If you look at the last 10 years, Pens have 2 cups and that ties for second. They have appeared in four finals which is first in the league. Conference finals 5 times, once again tied for first. Pens have 86 playoff wins which is 1st overall also.  Sid is the face of hockey, and is never in trouble.  Talks to the media every day with respect and always has time. And is the most talented player in the sport at this point and has been for 10 years.   Not sure what else this guy has to do.

Some other stats going into game 1. The Pens are first in the league with 481 consecutive sellouts.   That is a fairly staggering number.  Chris Kunitz is the oldest NHL players to score a game 7 OT goal at 37 years and 241 days.

I will have my prediction for Monday Morning release.


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