NBA Finals Game 4 Recap

In an elimination game, the Cleveland Cavaliers could not have possibly got off to a better start.

The Cavs scored 49 points in the first quarter — the most points scored by a team in a quarter in NBA Finals history.

Cleveland didn’t slow down in the second quarter either. Led by LeBron, they finished the first half with the most points in NBA Finals history — 86.

James was all over the place in the first half, putting up 22 points, 6 rebounds, and 8 assists.

Cleveland made an unbelievable 13 of 22 attempts from 3-point range in the first half — another NBA Finals record. They also did it while shooting 60.9% from 3-point range.

Kyrie was unconscious too. He had 28 points while shooting 4–6 from 3-point range and 11–14 from the field in the half.

Love couldn’t miss either. He had 17 points in the half on 4–5 from 3-point range.

Even JR Smith joined in on the fun hitting one from the parking lot.

The craziest part? The Warriors didn’t actually play that bad. They turned the ball over a little too much and certainly committed too many fouls.

However…if I told you Kevin Durant scored 22 points, Golden State shot 54.5% from the field, and finished the half with 68 points, you would think they were winning the game, right? Not this time though.

Cleveland headed into halftime with an 86–68 lead after Durant nailed a 3-pointer at the buzzer.

In the second half the Cavs kept up their hot shooting.

But the play of the game was an unbelievable self-alley-oop from LeBron.

Meanwhile, the game got pretty heated with yet another groin punching incident.

Draymond also nearly got ejected from the game. Originally, Draymond was called for a tech in the first half and received another in the third quarter. But apparently the first half technical was supposed to be on Kerr, not Draymond.

Golden State’s biggest problem tonight? Since Cleveland was shooting so well, they didn’t have an opportunity to get out in transition where they are at their best.

It was a wild game and Cleveland survived elimination with an incredible shooting display. They made more 3-pointers in game 4 than any team has made in an NBA Finals game.

LeBron finished the game with 31 points, 10 rebounds, and 11 assists. James’ triple-double put him past Magic Johnson for the most triple-doubles in NBA Finals history. James also passed Michael Jordan for the most points in Finals history.

Kyrie finished the game with 40 points, 7 rebounds, and 4 assists. His seven 3-pointers were the 2nd most for any player in an NBA Finals game.

Final score: 137–116

One more Finals record for the Cavs:

Game five in Golden State on Monday.

Can the Warriors close this one out? Or will Cleveland find a way to return home for game six?

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