Washington Wizards

John Wall “Chillin” on Wizards Extension

Well before the Washington Wizards matched the Brooklyn Nets $106 million offer to keep Otto Porter in Washington, guard, John Wall had a different player on his mind to join him in Washington.

Wall made it very clear when he lobbied for at the time, Pacers Paul George to join him in Washington. And when asked about it Monday, Wall had no apologies.

“There’s a difference between a role player and a superstar,” Wall said referring to Porter and George, per Candace Buckner of the Washington Post. “It’s a big difference. There’s a lot teams that will make a lot of trades for a superstar.”

The reaction also didn’t seem to get to the All-Star point guard.

“It’s what people are going to say about it,” Wall added. “I love Otto as a teammate, but at the end of the day if you can make your team better, you can always do that. If people take it the wrong way, then so be it.”

The Wizards did try to reach out to Indiana to acquire George. However, the Pacers and Thunder reached a deal that would send George to Oklahoma City, forcing the Wizards to re-sign Porter.

“I’m just chillin’. Just trying to figure out to negotiate it and manipulate it the way you want it to be,” Wall said. “Everybody know where I want to play and where I want to be. Everybody took it the wrong way [when it was reported] I wanted to wait. It’s a big decision. I love D.C.”

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