Pirates Start Second Half With a Bang

The Pittsburgh Pirates started the second half of the Baseball Season with a walk off win against the St Louis Cardinals.  Josh Bell, the Pirates first baseman hit a 3 run opposite field bomb for a walk off win. It was a solid win by the Pirates that did not look so solid early.  Let’s get in to that.

A couple of consistent themes from this Pirates team continued tonight and that was Gerrit Cole pitches well but gives up home runs.  Followed by Gregory Polanco responding poorly after a near miss homerun early with a couple of base running mistakes. First he did not leg out what should have been a triple, then he was picked off at third base after a walk.   Yes, I said that, after a walk.  Cardinals catcher Molina throws anywhere and everywhere and he caught Polanco napping. I would like to mention though, the third base coach needs to emphasize that to players like Polanco and Marte.  The two of them have a tendency to become a little lax.  Once he was picked off, Cole followed that with a ground ball that he refused to leg out that could have turned out differently because the first baseman was pulled way off the bag.

Gregory Polanco responded with a nice defensive play the following inning and then  a big RBI single to tie the game during his next at bat.  It was a nice response after a good ear chewing on the bench by Clint Hurdle.

Social Media exploded calling for the manager to bench him, the manager is a joke because he didn’t, fire one of them cut the other.  It was a humorous night for sure.

With that said, the Pirates Bull Pen held the Cards in check for the remainder of the game and  Josh Bell, who drove in a run earlier in the game would drive in three more with a walk off win that included a bat flip that was fun to watch.

The Pirates have now won 6 of 8 and are now just 4 games under .500 and a half a game behind the Cards.

If the Pirates can pull off a big home stand maybe going 5-2 or 6-1, I think the mood around Pittsburgh and this team will start to change.  If you don’t think the fans are down on this team, look at the crowd tonight.  I don’t see that trend turning around until the Pirates get over .500 and or the front office makes a move that helps this team.  A McCutchen extension, a solid addition for third base possibly or a bull pen arm or two would turn some heads locally.  If the Pirates go on a run of sorts and the GM sells off a piece, the town will turn on him very quickly.

With that said, I could definitely see the Pirates get back into the race and go on a little run, but I do not see the front office helping this lineup out.  The General Manager is way too conservative and gun-shy.


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