Huntington and Hurdle Should Not be Renewed, Here is Why

I am not sure which person is amking the official call, but Hurdle and Huntington continue to treat this Pirates Team as if they are a Triple A ball club.  The continued lineup issues are on the just obscene and they show no signs of change anytime soon. The Pirates are offensively challenged if they do not put their best pieces in the lineup and both Manager  and GM are on board with doing so.  Which begs the question, are they managing this team to truly compete at the Major League Level?  If I were asked that question, I would have to answer no.

It was reported recently that the Pirates staff is giving Jose Osuna practice time at third base to learn  the position.  They eventually see him taking that spot, and with his bat, I think that is a terrific idea.  Unfortunately, terrific idea’s from this Management team are rare, actually Unicorn like.

The lineup was released just a few moments ago and this is what it looked like.

That was from their twitter feed so if you’re looking at it the way a rational person would look at it, the holes in this lineup are plenty.  But the biggest one is Max Moroff, batting less than .100 being run out there at least once a week.

This is what many would call a Sunday lineup.  And if the team was coming off of a 5 or 6 game stretch, I could BETTER see this lineup going out there.  As we all know though, They are coming off the All Star break and need every win they can get against their division opponents.  They have an opportunity to take another series today and carry some momentum into the series with the Division leading Brewers.  Instead, the Pirates have chosen to play Max Moroff at third base and Jaso in the Outfield while Osuna watches.

I realize that Freese is struggling with the bat right now because he is getting over used.   Harrison is also struggling with the bat which complicates matters.  Hurdle though has other options but chooses to rest guys instead of just dropping them in the lineup or changing the lineup.

Regardless of how much Harrison is struggling, Hurdle could have moved him to third and just dropped him in the lineup for a game or two. With Marte returning by mid week, Harrison could have gotten some time to rest then.  The Pirates then could have moved Frazier to second base and then put Osuna in right field.  Yes, Polanco is not the best left fielder on this team by a wide margin but he is still carrying a hot bat right now and Marte as mentioned will be joining the team Shortly.

The fact is, their best offensive lineup RIGHT NOW has Frazier, Harrison, And Osuna starting.  This puts Freese and Jaso on the bench.   That gives them some veteran presence in that dugout to pinch hit or come in on a switch later in the game.   Gosselin is up, and although he should not be here, he is a better option than Moroff.

Cervelli is a starter right now and in my opinion should not be either.  He should be backing up Elias Diaz and if Hurdle and Huntington really wanted to win, that would be the case.  Having Cervelli on the bench would beef up the bench also.  That eliminates Stewart as back up, but he has not only struggled staying healthy, but he brings no bat to the table.

With the Starting Pitching doing as well as it is, and the bull pen starting to finally take shape, it would be nice if Hurdle and Huntington would do their part and put the best offensive options on the field.

This lineup is not an exception either, and the evidence of that is Max not only being up here, but making as many starts as he has.  He just can not hit at the Major League Level and regardless how good his glove is, this Pirates team can not continue to run a guy out on the field that is overmatched and has no chance to help his team out.

The questions that need to be asked are What is this saying to the rest of the team?   What does this say to the fans?   I’ll tell you… WE DON’T WANT TO WIN AND DON’T CARE EITHER!  I am not one to hammer owners because I understand how expensive it is to run a Ball Team, just from my own personal experiences.  With that said, both Hurdle and Huntington could be displaying their own frustration with how tight the Ownership group is with the purse strings.

This is clearly evident Because there is no one in this organization or even on this planet that can possibly explain away the continued poor lineup decisions, the roster moves and non moves, and their stubbornness to continue to stick square pegs in round holes.   For the first time since this new regime has taken over, I am truly convinced they have No interest in winning.



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