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There’s a Banana Boat Problem in Cleveland..

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ATTENTION ALL CAVS FANS: I am sorry to say, you have a potential banana boat infestation. With the reports coming out today that Kyrie Irving wants out of Cleveland and reportedly “no longer wants to play with LeBron,” is not good.

Irving also gave out a few places he wouldn’t mind getting traded to, one of those places, New York City. How does this lead to a BBI (banana boat infestation)? Allow me to explain. IF Cleveland were to look to shop Irving off to the basketball mecca in NYC, a package would more than likely be built around Carmelo, Porzingis, or some combination of both.

Let’s say a deal goes down and it’s Melo and some assets for Irving. You would then have LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony, half of the Banana Boat squad on the Cavs. Assuming James and Carmelo can play together and have fun, because why wouldn’t they? They’re the best of friends after all.

You then have to turn your eye to the 2018 offseason. With LeBron’s return to the Land looking murky at best, a good season with Melo would do wonders for all those wanting the King to stay home. He then re-ups to play another season with Melo and now to the rest of the free agent pool. Two huge names that could be on the market, Dwyane Wade and Chris Paul. With Wade all but moved out of Chicago and CP3 on a one-year ‘’let’s see” deal, there will be writing on the wall here folks.

Wade and Paul head to the Land to attempt and row their banana boat down Lake Erie with LeBron and Carmelo? Sounds good right? Until you realize all of these men are going into the twilights of their respected careers. Sure, it would be fun for two maybe three years. But when Cleveland trots out a line-up four years down the road of old and beaten down superstars, will it even win them another championship? I’m not so sure.

And I am aware I am doubting quite possibly the greatest basketball player to ever step foot here on Earth, but come on now guys. Nothing is final yet, and this is all speculation from the mind of someone who overanalyzes tweets from NBA stars. But hey, banana boat, right?

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