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One on One with Eric Gordon

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Eric Gordon and the Houston Rockets season came to an end last year after the San Antonio Spurs ended their playoff run winning the series 4-2. Looking to avenge that playoff loss and make it to a Western Conference Finals, Gordon, sat down with me over the weekend to discuss this upcoming season and Chris Paul’s addition to their team. He even had a take on Carmelo Anthony and the potential of him joining the Rockets.

Mike Ortiz Jr.: What’s your take on the Basketball Tournament?

Eric Gordon: It feels good. I hope it continues to grow. Because you get a lot of guys that are playing in College and guys that are playing professionally and you’re collectively bringing them together to play in a good tournament like this?

Ortiz: Do you still talk to your old coach?

Gordon: Yeah I was watching his son play and I’m still very very close with him.

Ortiz: Take me through this past year’s NBA 3-point contest? How did you pull it off?

Gordon: It’s just like any other day and it can be anyone’s night. So it was my night that night to make shots and I knocked down a lot of shots.

Ortiz: How do you like being in Houston?

Gordon: Oh it’s great. They just care about winning. They care about their players and that’s why their organization is successful.

Ortiz: I know James Harden and Patrick Beverly reached out to you before you signed in Houston. How would you describe your relationship with the two?

Gordon: I’m very close with both of them. They’re both very good players and it’s fun just being around them.

Ortiz: How does it feel adding Chris Paul to the team?

Gordon: It feels good knowing that we’ll have another good playmaker and hopefully he’ll make it easier for everyone just like we’re going to make it easier for him.

Ortiz: With the Carmelo Anthony rumors circulating, what addition would he be to the team?

Gordon: We’ll see. You know he has a different style of play. We’ll just see once he finally is on our team.

Ortiz: What’s your expectation for Houston this season?

Gordon: We’re going to be a championship caliber team. We can’t do nothing less than reaching it to the Western Conference Finals. So we just gotta get there and see what happens from there.

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