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Errors by the Front Office More Costly Than Errors on Field For Pirates

Poor planning, an Inability to pull the trigger, no guts, bad evaluations, and an inability to develop high-end talent has put Neil Huntington in a position to not get re-signed by the Pirates.  Clint Hurdle should follow Neil out the same door.

The trade deadline has come and gone, so were the hopes and dreams of many Pirates fans.  I think most fans had figured out that the Pirates probably were not going to win a World Championship this season.  But I think the front office and ownership owed it to the 24K+  that consistently go out to the games and support this team a move or two that could at least peak their interest.

We were all fairly convinced the Pirates were not getting Mike Trout at the trade deadline.   But, it would have been nice to see them active and trying.

The GM has remarked that the Pirate’ play on the field this year, has put them in the position to not be buyers or sellers. Well, the same should go for him. His inability to be creative, part with prospects, make the deal that makes a difference, has put them in the position that has allowed the players to not play well enough to make a move one way or the other.

Huntington has no one else to blame but himself. And don’t blame ownership.  At least not completely.   It takes 2 to tango.   If Neil is not banging on Frank Coonelly’s or Bob Nutting’s door every day trying to make this team better,  he is a failure and not doing right by those guys fighting in his dugout to produce wins or by those fans left that are still going to the games or tuning in to watch.   Neil has had ample opportunities in the off season and throughout this season to make the team better but the way he covet’s his youth is borderline creepy.

As for Clint Hurdle, the fact that Max Moroff was still on the team because of Harrison’s injury and John Jaso was still starting in the outfield with Polanco on the DL is proof positive that Hurdle also needs to go.   There is no reason that Frazier should not have been moved to second, Bell to the outfield, and Osuna should have been at first for those handful of games. No one is advocating that Osuna is the second coming and that Bell is not your future at 1st base.  But, Osuna in the game over Jaso, a guy that had gone 0-30 something before getting a hit was nothing short of a no brainer.

After drawing to withing 2 games, the Pirates proved once again they can’t beat the Padres or Reds, but part of that is because this coaching staff and front office stands united to not run the best offensive team out on the field.

Now, I said don’t blame ownership for everything, but they do deserve some blame.  The fact that they had money to spend, and quite frankly chose not to may have in fact been Nutting’s fault for not spending. But if the GM was able to spend, It is also his fault for not making the GM spend that money to give the fans something to hold onto.

If the GM and the ownership group wants to save any face at all this year, signing Andrew McCutchen to an extension would be a terrific first step.  Yes, I was not an advocate of this for most of last year and part of this year.  But the fact is, the outfield moving forward may or may not have a hole in it with Polanco sputtering… and Marte coming back from a Steroid suspension.  It would be nice to have at least 1 guy to count on and hope that one of those guys or both fall back into place.

They could provide this fanbase with a much needed and no punn intended “shot in the arm.”  Yes, it would be for at least $17 million a season for 4 years, but as the Pirates have shown, Franchise players don’t grow on trees, nor do they come from this regime’s farm system.

As for Gerrit Cole, if the Pirates trade him before they have too, that is just another reason to not trust a franchise that showed promise but could not wait to throw that promise in the trash right in front a starving fanbase.  It’s like showing a starving person a sandwich then throwing it over a cliff never to be seen again.

Those that truly know me, know that I have been on board with what this front office was doing from day 1.  Not pleased with ownership, but early on they showed signs of wanting to win.   I have not seen those signs in some time. And now I am questioning if those signs were really signs or just them getting lucky.

What is ever more interesting is the fact that the Pirates can draw to within 4.5 games of first place in the Central today with a win against this awful Padres team.   The Cubs are once again sputtering and playing a really good Nationals team.  To be this close and to make decisions that show your fan base that you just don’t care is about as big a slap in the face as you can get.

I don’t want to hear about how they were close with this trade or that trade.  It takes guts to pull a trigger and really go after something. And that is exactly what this organization and it’s front office lacks.  Guts!

I blame the players like Marte and Kang for having such little disregard for their team mates and putting them into this position.  I blame the manager for being too stubborn and not putting his best team out on the field night after night.  I blame the ownership group for being greedy and not spending what they can.  I am not saying should, I am saying can.  Meaning, they had more to spend but they chose not too. And moving forward, we all know that the money they did save will not get reinvested.  Finally, I blame the GM and his staff for their overall apparent Lack of guts to put this team in a position to win in a lackluster division with a golden opportunity in front of them.

Mistakes of this magnitude should not be rewarded.  The Manager and GM need to be removed immediately.   Do not wait, do not hesitate.  The only coach on this team that I would keep and pay big money to keep is Uncle Ray… our beloved pitching coach which is given a mash unit every year with duck tape, chewing gum, paper clips and construction paper every year and all he does is produce.


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