Steelers Extend Tomlin, A Fanbase Divided

I am not suggesting that half of the Steelers fan base is revolting and the other half is rejoicing.  What I am suggesting, from my experience talking with as many fans as I do, that the decision to extend Tomlin may have been a no brainer for the organization but it certainly was not for the fans.

My partner in crime, Brian Stefan @Golfmonger is a huge Steelers fan but also a very educated Sports fan.  He truly understands the game.  He is difficult to argue with because he understands the game of football at a level of x’s and o’s and I can tell you that he is not behind the re-signing of Mike Tomlin.  And, He is not the only one.

We saw some numbers earlier that Tomlin’s winning % is higher than any other coach in Steelers history, but clearly those numbers could be looked at as artificially inflated because they have a franchise quarterback.  The NFL is driven by franchise quarterbacks and if you have one, you always have a chance.   AS the head coach, He has 2 Super Bowls and has taken the team to 3.  There is no doubt that he is a leader of men and a player’s coach,  but is he what his numbers show he is?

I can tell you that I believe he is, but I do understand those that don’t think so.

Many don’t like his on field decisions in big situations.  His inability to manage the clock properly is another issue.  I buy those issues for sure but can combat that with the fact that his predecessor, was just as bad at clock management and also made boneheaded on the field calls.  It comes with the job.  You are judged for the good and the bad, and that judgement can be extreme depending on the situation.  There is also a fraction of the fan base that will never like him or give him his due because of the color of his skin.  It is unfortunate and should not still be part of our culture.  But it is, and I believe that it is a reason for some of the dislike of Mike Tomlin.

As I stated earlier, I am satisfied with the extension because I believe he does for the most part get as much good out of this group as he can. As much as he is the benefactor of having Roethlisberger, he is also in the unlucky position of dealing with Big Ben’s good and bad.  Ben is as good as any QB at home while his inability to win on the road is unbelievable.  At times, he is just awful.  In recent years, he has thrown interceptions at alarming rates.  His decision-making is poor at times, as is anyone’s but because this team is so offensively driven right now, his poor play or decisions gives this team some fairly extreme swings.

I guess what I am saying is I give Big Ben as much credit for the losing as I do Mike Tomlin.

I endorse this extension and feel that this team is in good hands moving forward.

But for those of you ANTI Tomlin fans, there is one saving grace!  That is that contracts are about as iron clad as those plastic handcuffs that used to come with those cheap cops and robber play sets we had as kids.  For those millennials reading this, those are plastic toys we played with as children back when kids would interact with each other… without the use of a phone or tablet.


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