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Notes and Quotes: Pat Narduzzi Press Conference

Here are some Notes from Today’s Pat Narduzzi Press Conference.  Pat and Bo faced off together back in High School in the Youngstown area, so the two of them facing off is nothing out of the ordinary.

Week 1: Great opener, repeat of my first game here.  Completely different team then before.  Youngstown St. was 12-4 last year.  They are Tough and disciplined.  Very talented football team.  Bo Pelini and I go back a long way, High School. He and his team are Disciplined and tough, similar to what we are.

Quarterback Hunter Wells is back as the starter.  As for other Offensive players he Wide outs Patterson and Scott, both talented.  He went out of his way to say Scott could play anywhere in the country.

Defensively- couple of transfers from Florida on Defense they don’t know much about.

When asked about how the Panthers are different this year as opposed to when the two teams faced off in 2015 he said they are a Different Program – “when you watch a tape, defensively we are a little different since that last game.   We did not play very fast last time.  Two years have past, and you look at us and say Wow… we have come a long way.”(summarized)

What do you want to see – “Attitude!” I want them to come out and play like they can.”

This is the First of three games without suspended players. What are your thoughts on where your team is right now.  “I feel good, I feel a lot better than I would have thought if I would have found out yesterday.  We are prepared and ready.”

Question : are you going to open it up, or be vanilla.  “We are going out to win that football game.”  He first joked, What do you want me to tell Bo everything we are doing?

Question about Paris Ford – “He’s Doing a great job on scout team.   Hasn’t Scrimmaged yet. He’s having some fun, moving fast.  Doesn’t know what he is doing yet.  He is eligible, but will not play this year.”  “Motley, Aston, and Hanlon will all play this year.”

How crucial is it to play well in Game 1 looking at game 2 and 3.  “This is a huge game,  we can play really good and fall flat next week.””When you look at the first game, there could be those first game things happen.  Could be those or’s you all have been talking about.”

Dane Jackson has come a long way.  Jackson and Mathis are both playing very well. Co-Starters.

Thoughts on defense and where it is.  “Always gotta be tweaking to it.  We are going to tweak things as we go.  What you see out of our players this year as opposed to a year ago is the splits.  Decision making….”

When asked what positions he feels really good about: He jokingly talked about what, you want me to tell Youngstown State our weaknesses also?  “I really feel really good about our D line and our depth there.”

Questioned about Tight Ends. “Flanigan has been consistent.  So has Clark for that matter.   We see Chris Clark as a co-starter with Flanigan.”

Is there any separation at Running back.  “Ollison has been strong.  Hall has had a great camp, there are others that have had really good camps.  I can throw some Or’s… there”

When asked about Moss at running back, it depends on reps.  “We only have a couple of players we put on there, there are others that could see time but it depends on reps.”

Wrapped up with stories  about He and Pelini’s days in High School.




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