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Pirates: The Lost Season That Did Not Have To Be…

If this was the middle ages, and towns people and community surrounding the castle were treated the way this City’s fanbase has been, they would have stormed the place and burnt it to the ground.  They would have laid waste to it, Destroying the King and his Castle.  But sadly, it’s not the middle ages and because of it, the fan base is forced to grin and bare it.

Yes, they could revolt and not go to the games.  If you have not noticed, they have been not going to games. That is no ones fault more than Nutting and his President, GM, and Coach.

The idea that the Pirates were a couple of games out of first place several times this season, even late in the season and the ownership and front office ignored the situation by not trying to make this team better is ludicrous. I have blamed Hurdle and Huntington all season for their handling of the starting lineup and rotation Night after night. But the main culprit in this teams inability to win and compete is the king… I mean owner, Bob Nutting.

(Robin Hood, Men in Tights)

The Owner of the Pirates rarely comes out from behind the walls of his famed castle and rarely faces the fire.  He has done wrong by this City, the Fan Base, and as importantly or even more so, the Players in that clubhouse.  He has assisted in providing this core group of talent with absolutely no help.  He and his leadership team continually ignore opportunities to make the team better. And continues down the path of destroying the team they worked so hard to build.

It is nearly like they were able to get better by accident and they used that accident as an opportunity to show that they cared. Now they are acting like the franchise did for years prior to the recent resurgent team.   I am convinced Neal Huntington wants to win but  If he is being told not to make moves for Financial reasons, then he should move on as he is not doing himself or this team any justice by sticking around.

Another Frustration is that This group of players deserved better this year because of all of the bad  breaks they were dealt with regards to injuries, suspensions, etc.  Instead, they were told to run out there through a wall with no protection and no help.  There were opportunities to add impact players in the offseason, and during the weeks prior to the trade Deadline. So, at the trade deadline, The GM would bring in a couple of tired arms and a crowd favorite bench player.   Although it was nice to get Sean Rodriguez back on the team, he is not a player that is going to propel a team into a playoff run.

There were players out there that could have helped.  There were moves out there that could have been made to give the local fans some hope. Instead, all the Pirates have shown is how little they care about the shrinking crowds, and their Shrinking fanbase.  It’s actually quite sad and a slap in the face to everyone that still tunes in.  The Comparisons of this team and the Indians team in the original Movie Major League are infuriatingly  similar.

Yes, I am still a fan and will always root for the Pirates.  But as I step away and try to talk about this team from a neutral position, all I can say is… Shame on Bob Nutting.   You and your front office  are a sham.  I truly believe the GM wants to put a winner out there, but I also believe he is Gun Shy to a fault  because of the limited resources.

It is time for Bob Nutting to put up or shut up moving forward, but we all know that will not happen.  We all know he will continue to talk about how he wants to win. We all know that he will state that the World Series or Winning a Championship is what they work towards every year.  But We also know that he really does not care about the fans, or the team itself.  Because if he did, he would show that he cared.  And we all know, that will never happen.


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