Penn State’s James Franklin Sends Shot Over the Bow With Comments

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Penn State’s James Franklin Stated at the very end of his initial remarks from his post game presser that the win last year for Pittsburgh was like them winning the SuperBowl, for us this year it was like beating Akron.  One of the Penn State beat writers was attempting to get the first question in and said, I was going to ask… but that last comment stunned me.  He then said, those back in Pittsburgh are really not going to know how to take that. Coach Franklin then answered that question by saying ” I’ve been saying this for 2 years.  Interpret it how you want.  Each win we get is the biggest win.  It’s like the SuperBowl.”

First off, he said that to send a message and then put forth a half assed effort to clean it up.  You can listen for yourselves.  James Franklin added fuel to the fire with those comments and those comments will be remembered next year when they travel back to Heniz field minus Saquon Barkley and Mike Gesicki. Arguably their two best players.

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