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Steelers Lack Luster Play Just Enough To Stop Browns

The Pittsburgh Steelers, by many, are among favorites to go to the playoffs and win a Championship.  Coming into today, most looked at the AFC North as a foregone conclusion.  I do not think anyone told the Browns that they were supposed to roll over and play dead though.  Cleveland would give the Steelers all they could handle and new Browns quarterback showed just a little of why so many teams looked at him.  The final Score in Cleveland, Steelers 21 Browns 18.

First off, Kizer was very good for his first regular season game. Completing 22-30 for 222 yards a touchdown and an interception.   He showed he could make all the passes, he was good on his feet running for 17 more yards on 5 carries.   He looked to throw first and took everything the Steelers Defense would dish out and that included 7 sacks and that TJ Watt interception.

The Steelers defensive player that made the biggest impact today was rookie TJ Watt as he would finish with 2 of those sacks, 1 really nice interception.  Watt finished with 7 total tackles, 6 of which were solo.  When asked about his performance, he said “he was not satisfied.”

Ben was shaky in the first half of the game And he and his offensive team mates did not wake up until the tipped ball that turned into a big play.  As a whole, Ben Played a fairly average game and the game plan itself coming into the game was questionable at best.

Ben would finish the game going 24-36 for 2 touchdowns and 1 interception.  His one big play came on the tipped pass to AB for a 50 yard completion.

Ben talked about the offense being a “wait and see” after game 1. LeVeon Bell started today after just one week of practice and looked like he had one week of practice running for only 32 yards on 10 carries.

As for Ben, his last dominant game was back in November of  last season against a Colts teams that had little fight in them.   Since that time he had thrown 10 interceptions to 9 touchdowns coming into today’s game.

The only offensive players that played well today was Antonio Brown and Jesse James. Brown caught 11 passes for 182 yards and Tight End Jesse James would catch 6 for 41 yards including 2 touchdown passes.

The Steelers offensive line played poorly.  All that we heard coming into this season was how this was one of the best if not the best line in football.  Today, it was manhandled by a Browns team that was not supposed to even show up today.

This was just another poor effort on the road for the Steelers and if you have followed this team at all over the last several seasons, this is the norm.  At least for this regime.  They play to the level of their competition in most cases with regards to the worst teams in football, Especially on the road.

Most are walking away saying a win is a win, and that is true.  But to watch this game, it was evident that the OC needs to stop being cute with the game plans and the team as a whole need to get a lot crisper.  This is also the product not playing their starters in the pre season for more than a couple of quarters.


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