Pat Narduzzi Press Conference: Penn State Review Oklahoma State Preview

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Here are some of the highlights from this weeks Press Conference.

Coach Narduzzi started the presser by talking about how football is a game of inches and that is exactly what Saturday’s game was for his Panthers.  A missed assignment, a couple of drops, a guy out of position by just a little bit.  He talked about how turnovers can’t happen against a team like Penn State.

On a good note, he said there was a lot more positives to take away from Saturday’s loss than there was in win from week 1.   “We made strides from week 1 to week 2.”

He talked about how the motto for the season was “take it” and how by making the mistakes and not doing all the things necessary to win, they did not go out and “Take it” this past week.

When asked about Coach Franklin’s comments, he said “We went high, they went low,” He has a press conference go ahead and ask him.

Max Browne will start, and when asked about Dinucci, he said they are always looking for opportunities to give him snaps.   When asked about the tape and what he saw from his quarterback and he said of 7 incompletions, 6 of them were accurate, 1 was off.  He was much more encouraged after watching the tape.  He said was he perfect? No, he was not perfect, but neither were any of us.

Coach Narduzzi was asked about Chris Clark dropping a pass, he said in the first game he wasn’t targeted.  The second game, he was targeted and thrown too, but he dropped it.  Next game he will put it together and make the catch. We have to have faith and confidence in our guys to make plays or they won’t.  No different then Kessman the place kicker.   Missed two field goals in the opener from the right hash, the place he hates.  Ends up making 2 from the right hash in the hostile environment.

When asked about the comparison of Clemson and Oklahoma State and looking for yet another signature win.  He said, they are both big, fast and orange(uniforms). There is your comparison.

He was asked about his offensive line and he said they will stick with  the 6 man rotation from last week with Bookser back.  When asked about being concerned about protecting the quarterback.  He said, yes I am concerned. They have given up too many sacks.  They need to do a better job, I do not like how Max’s helmet came off and that whole sequence.






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