NFL Betting Guide: Week 2

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In case you guys didn’t know, NFL football is back. And with NFL football that brings several things, for me pure happiness as every Sunday is filled with high-flying entertainment. But it also brings fantasy sports back to relevance and of course increases good ole-fashion sports betting.

But throughout the remaining NFL season, I will be posting a guide weekly to help you change your sports betting into sports profiting – in the meantime this list of safe sportsbooks is a handy start. Now while I’m sure they’ll be crazy upsets like the New England Patriots in week one. But I’m going to make sure that you’ll be able to avoid those upsets, free of charge.

So without further ado here are my week 2 picks:

Houston Texans vs. Cincinnati Bengals:
Cincinnati -6.5
Now while normally I’d say stay away as one I’m not a fan of Thursday night games because of the shorter week and several other weird suppositious reasoning’s, I actually like this Thursday matchup. Despite letting Blake Bortles score a touchdown and allowing Leonard Fournette to get a 100 yards rushing in his rookie debut, I think the Houston Texans defense will respond well against Andy Dalton who threw FOUR interceptions against the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday.

But the reason I believe that they’ll respond is because they’ll be starting rookie quarterback Deshaun Watson. Now I get it, short-week, was the backup quarterback and now he has to prepare to start on a shorter week. But here’s the deal, Watson has been preparing to start since his name was called by the Texans. I mean Tom Savage? Let’s be real. Watson has played at some of the highest levels, including the National Championship upset over Alabama this past season. When Watson is in, the running game improves, which gives the Texans defense more of a chance to relax and catch their breath. Oh and he can actually get the ball to DeAndre Hopkins which isn’t a hard task but for some reason it is for Savage and other former Texans quarterbacks.

Advice: Take the points here. Personally, I love sprinkling some money on the Texans money line just because I’m that confident in Watson.

Philadelphia Eagles vs. Kansas City Chiefs:
Kansas City -4.5
Was that not one of the best game plans ever on Thursday night by the great Andy Reid? I mean they literally took Tom Brady and the New England Patriots completely out of their game. And while yes they won’t have safety Eric Berry who will miss the remainder of the season with an Achilles injury, who played amazing on Rob Gronkowski, the Chiefs will still be fine.

They also have a rookie running back in Kareem Hunt who was a dual-game changer in the backfield for the Chiefs as he had a 148 yards rushing and five receptions for 98 yards receiving. The Eagles who haven’t proved to me that they have a running a game will be in trouble Sunday with the Chiefs.

Advice: Take the Chiefs minus 4.5 with confidence here.

Washington Redskins vs. Los Angeles Rams:
Rams -2.5
The Los Angeles Rams are the favorites in game for back-to-back weeks?! Yes, they’re and rightfully so. Now listen I’m not saying the Rams are going to the Super Bowl, but while I would’ve bet my house, the neighbor’s house and the entire block on the Rams last week against the Indianapolis Colts, I love them again this week.

Now yes Scott Tollzien isn’t anything special and probably shouldn’t be in the NFL but that Rams defense looked amazing Sunday. And in his second year Jared Goff looked like he was finally turning the corner. Which, rightfully so as he finally has receivers in Sammy Watkins and Cooper Kupp, a revamped offensive line and no quarterback killer Jeff Fisher as his head coach. So yes, I love the Rams again at home this week against the Washington Redskins who I truly believe will struggle this season as their offense lost A LOT of firepower.

Advice: Bet the Rams -2.5 with confidence.

Dallas Cowboys vs. Denver Broncos:
Denver +2.0
I’ve never used “LOL” in an article before and probably never will again. But I’m using it here with this one. A two-point spread? People can say trap game or whatever they’d like but I still can’t believe they won on Monday night against the Chargers and I don’t think they would’ve if Casey Hayward made that interception in the first quarter. It was a walk-in interception that would’ve put the Chargers up 7-0 and would’ve made Trevor Siemian’s first play of the 2017-18 season result in an interception. And yes they wouldn’t recovered from that.

The reason I say that they wouldn’t have been able to recover from that is Siemian struggles to throw the deep ball, which has earned him the nickname chuck-down Trevor. Which is why I’m confused that this spread is only two points. Look I get it, the Broncos pass defense is amazing. But their run defense is terrible, add that in with the Dallas Cowboys offensive line plus Ezekiel Eliott, makes for a long evening for the Denver Broncos.

Not to mention the Cowboys have a guy under center by the name of Dak Prescott who rarely turns the ball over, which is always a plus against a great pass defense.

Advice: Bet the Cowboys -2.0.

Side note:
If Odell Beckham Jr. doesn’t play on Monday night then I love the Detroit Lions +3.5 as it’s this simple, the Giants can’t move the ball without Beckham at all, which is crazy.

I also like the Seattle Seahawks at home, but only in a teaser. 13.5 points is a lot. Yes, it’s the San Francisco 49ers, but the Seahawks offensive line appeared to be true kryptonite on Sunday. But because the 12th man is a big deal and help, I do like them at home but only in a teaser situation.

Week 2 Parlay:
1) Texans Money-line
2) Chiefs -4.5
3) Rams -2.5
4) Cowboys -2.0

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